Always tricky, but it looks a bit like capitulation at Galapagos

“The problem is we don’t have much credit. This is understandable given the major disappointments that shareholders have behind their backs. There is skepticism about what we will deliver.’

According to Onno van der Stolpe of Galapagos. Well, I think so too and let me know if my conclusion is correct. See also KBC’s review here: per se the news isn’t even that bad, so to crush the race… After a year and a half of only bad news, this is apparently just too much.

I can already hear you thinking aloud: capitulation, then the bottom is near? Could be, but then I think that turnover bar could go up a bit further and I myself will also await the analysis of my colleagues. Because how many (preferably a bit realistic) fantasy and opportunities are there? The rinse is already getting thinner.

How striking, among each other in my Twitter timeline: If only I knew what wisdom was, you and I sigh at the same time, I think. Mind you, that cash is in principle research money and not a nest egg for shareholders.

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