Almost no official tests after Epic release

May 14, 2022 at 1:15 p.m
von Michael Miskulin
Appropriately for yesterday, Friday the 13th, Evil Dead The Game was released – an online multiplayer action title in which “survivors” must compete against a killer and survive. The special thing is that there are almost no official tests after the release via Epic Games Store. So is the title any good?

Just in time for yesterday, Friday the 13th, Saber Interactive released the co-op and PvP multiplayer action title Evil Dead The Game. About a month ago it was said that Evil Dead The Game in Germany should not receive a USK release from the age of 18, but the release via the Epic Games Store was no longer in danger and the uncut version was finally approved by the USK Rating from 18 years.

Evil Dead The Game: Only one review so far

But how is Evil Dead The Game doing now with the critics? Good question, because right after the release Metacritic only has one critic’s opinion in the form of a critic’s review. This comes from the website and covers the version for the Xbox Series X|S – Final score 8 out of 10. Accordingly, the title does not yet have a Metacritic score. Let’s hope the critics have only been intimidated by the multiplayer component of their ratings so far.

On the user side, the user ratings are meanwhile collected via Twitter. For one user it turns out Evil Dead The Game als Trash which appears as an Epic Games Exclusive multiplayer-only title for 40 euros, while the game itself is exhausting and confusing. Another user took one quite a bit of difficulty of the game as a survivor – But fun included. But even the killer side is for some players an initial overstimulation.

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So even if Evil Dead The Game (buy now ) While it’s still under the radar of critics, it’s obviously starting to gain popularity among gamers. This is also reflected in the corresponding Lists of streamers, who take the game to heart with spectators. This allows potential buyers to preview the gameplay and decide if the PvP multiplayer action title is for them.

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