Allergy news, press review June 2022

Every day thousands of researchers publish the results of their research in scientific journals. Each one is impassioned on a precise subject, sometimes strange, sometimes banal to bring its stone to the building of the knowledge. These small touches form the great impressionist portrait of knowledge in a particular field. Hence the interest of a press review on the news of allergies.

I suggest that you project on this screen the spots of color identified which seem to me to give the relief of the large table of allergies.

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During anaphylaxis during pregnancy, the doses of adrenaline to be used do not change. Dupilumab (anti-IL4/13) may transiently increase blood eosinophilia. In Israel, 8% of patients referred for oral tolerance induction are not allergic to the food introduced. In the kitchen, washing instruments to clean wheat residues is difficult. In house dust mite allergy, sensitization to Der p 23 changes the observed cytokine profile. The combination of dry air and particulate pollution exacerbates asthma. Chronic spontaneous urticaria in India: a mixture of Th1/Th2 activation and autoimmunity? Perforation of the nasal septum with a battery in a 4-year-old girl. A study of sublingual desensitization with a recombinant multimeric construct of dog allergens in mice rendered allergic to dogs. Prurigo strophulus 5.4% of patients in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Potential role of basophil in chronic urticaria. Modulate your T cells by injecting autologous IgG intramuscularly every 4 weeks. Hypertensive anaphylaxis after Moderna vaccination in Japan… You didn’t know about hypertensive anaphylaxis? It was in 2016:… The “allergic walk” is not inevitable, only 25% of infant eczema is complicated by rhinitis or wheezing. The containment for Covid-19 has made children and adolescents fat and moreover sleep disorders induce obesity and low noise inflammation favoring asthma and its exacerbations. Neuro-mast cell inter-relationships: intimately linked. It is possible to make a fish less allergenic by choosing its food. In the Canary Islands, sand from the Sahara (PM10) increases emergency room admissions for asthma. Phenotypic aspects of eosinophilic esophagitis in children: not very specific in young children, more so in adolescents. Does being allergic reduce the risk of cancer? it is said…So, in Korea, for primary liver cancer, it’s YES! Indoor pollution with fine particles (PM2.5) increases the risk of asthma in children from pregnancy and in the first year of life. Do treatments for childhood asthma cause more cavities? Well, we really don’t know… Pool lover? Swimming pool and spas, asthma and bladder cancer, chlorine and bromine, infernal couples. Here’s what salt pools break down into. And here is a legend that falls: early antibiotic therapy of young children does not increase the risk of atopic dermatitis. In Réunion, emergency room admissions for asthma are correlated with peaks in pollen, mold, temperature, the presence of influenza, and PM10 and NOx pollutants.

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Among antiseptics, chloroexhidine sensitizes 1 to 3% of caregivers. Eczema from contact with medical devices in diabetic children: IBOA and benzoyl peroxide are the two main culprits. Predict the allergenic potential of a molecule with Allercatpro Insulin allergy: diagnosis, therapeutic perspectives and comparison with a biosimilar. Analysis of perfumes present in cosmetics: do not believe the labels. In China, the vaccine against Covid (Sinovac?) resulted in 6 months in 14,611 cases of anaphylaxis, including 16 deaths. The cases mainly concern women, asthmatics, people who have already had anaphylaxis. 6 major banana allergens. A trendy pollen in Asia in autumn: the Hop (humulus Japonicus). 75% of emollient creams studied in the prevention of sensitization contained a contact allergen (hapten). Anaphylaxis on exercise: sometimes you bring back your strawberry or rather your gibberellin-regulated protein (GRP). A Stevens Johnson with tipepidine hibenzate, or how a cold can cost you your life. Hummus is a weapon of mass destruction in Canada for people allergic to sesame. Rare but possible, allergy to amoxicillin, persistence 66 years later. A look at contact allergies during the treatment of eye diseases: first aminoglycosides, then preservatives, finally active substances. The culprits of DRESS in Africa: anticonvulsants, allopurinol and antibiotics. The clinical forms are different.


Place of trans-thoracic ultrasound in severe uncontrolled asthma and apropos of a case, clinical pulmonary ultrasound allowed to correct a false diagnosis of asthma and to treat cardiac decompensation. Diagnosis and management of childhood asthma. Alteration of the Vems by solar and geomagnetic activity (oh well then…). 2% associated atopic dermatitis in psoriasis and 2% associated psoriasis in atopic dermatitis. Grass pollen: the more CCD positive you are, the more food you react to. Atopic dermatitis is increasingly affecting older populations in Sweden. The peanut-specific IgE to total IgE ratio is useless. Children with allergies are more likely to stick things up their noses. In Bangladesh, wearing a surgical mask increases the risk of acne, especially in women (less so for cotton masks).

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In atopic dogs, injectable desensitization improves clinical symptoms except under long-term corticosteroid therapy. Turbinoplasty in allergic rhinitis works better than drugs (not convinced). Adherence to inhaled corticosteroid background treatment in asthma in Ethiopia is no better than in Europe (and in the prevention of exercise-induced asthma!). Pumpkin extract in rat contact dermatitis helps in treatment and prevention. A case of anaphylaxis in a patient yet desensitized to bee venom: role of his mastocytosis or underrepresentation of API m10 in commercial extracts? The beta-2, short or long, in the ACOS, it is a certain cardiac risk. N-AcetylCysteine ​​improves inflammation and fibrosis in mouse lung. Studies of traditional remedies in medicine in Europe. Management of food anaphylaxis: poorly prepared parents and a fear of adrenaline. There is no contraindication to vaccination in case of mastocytosis. Establish drug tolerance in an emergency #guideline. Ecological assessment of asthma: replace aerosols with powders. In atopic dermatitis, the anti-IL13 lebrikizumab is thought to be better than dupilumab (lower risk of infection). Oralair® allergen immunotherapy (poaceae) in allergic rhinitis: proven efficacy on quality of life, clinical benefit, patient satisfaction but not yet on asthma prevention. Deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises reduce fatigue and the feeling of shortness of breath in chronic bronchitis. Nose washing is with isotonic, ≥60 mL for adults and 5 to 59 mL for children. In rhinitis concomitant with pollution peaks, ten days of intranasal budesonide improves the itching and sniffling. Omalizumab for whom? The young subject with elevated total IgE, hyper-eosinophilia and elevated FENO.



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