Allende was sentenced to two years in prison for coercion

Judge Gustavo Pimentel sentenced José Ángel Allende to two years in prison for the crime of coercion against journalist Martin Carboni.

In addition, Allende must carry out a training workshop on freedom of expression and may not carry out annoying and/or violent acts against the journalist or any member of his family group.

Álvaro Piérola was present in the room on behalf of the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) and Allende’s defense attorney, Leopoldo Lambruschini. The other defense attorney, Maximiliano Rusconi, participated remotely via videoconference.

Allende was convicted of expressing coercion against Carboni on the air of a local station, where they questioned the journalistic task that referred to irregularities in the Ministry of Health when Allende’s sidekick, Ariel De la Rosa, was in charge.

“You saw that Yabrán did not commit suicide because he killed Cabezas. Yabrán committed suicide because Yabrán’s pimps, wanting to look good, squeezed Cabezas and they lost their control and killed him. Here it is not going to happen to him to the governor that some pimps around him take that kind of attitude and end up harming him,” Allende said in May 2017.

Analyzing this, Judge Pimentel asserted: “Allende knew what he was doing and could not ignore the seriousness of the threat because he was talking about the victim’s own life.”

“It is a crime of danger, without the need for the threat to materialize,” he added. In addition, he valued that “the journalistic exercise can only be carried out if there is no type of coercion, violent conditioning or threats”.

Now the Office of Alternative Media (OMA) must determine how and where Allende must carry out the workshop on freedom of expression during the period that the sentence lasts.

In short, Allende had his first sentence in the Justice of Entre Ríos. They are two years of conditional prison, in line with what is requested by the MPF.

Now he will have to wait for what happens with the other cases that are pending against him: one for illicit enrichment and the other for gender violence against the current health minister Sonia Velázquez.



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