Allegrova plugged Vaikule and the Valley into her belt

The star has enough money for all whims.

Singer Irina Allegrova managed to outrun two of her old colleagues. Laima Vaikule and Larisa Dolina can envy the success of the 70-year-old performer.

The star of the 80s probably has impressive savings in bank accounts. Probably, the singer, like ordinary pensioners, receives social benefits. But 70-year-old Allegrova managed to find another win-win option to ensure a comfortable old age. With fabulous income, the artist wiped her nose at the sensational pop stars.

“Her fee is 60 thousand euros. Standard 45-50 minutes, ”said model Victoria Bonya in the Rutube show Evil Tongues.

As it turned out, Allegrova does not even have to please the audience with performances on the big stage. Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations come to the rescue.

“She hasn’t performed in a long time. She left the stage and performs only at corporate parties. She has very good fees – one of the highest on our stage. Unlike the same Valley, Vaikule and other artists, she is always in demand. She just lives to her liking and does what she wants, ”said journalist Sorokin in an interview with the BLITZ portal. center.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Elizaveta Didenko

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