Police officers detained two Hondurans investigated for the crime of human trafficking in the east of the country. The report indicates that the suspects were transferring 14 persons, coming de Chile, Haiti and Brazil, on a bus and illegally.

Eastern Honduras, on the border with Nicaragua, has become the scene of irregular migration in recent months. According to Honduran authorities, 30 personsIn recent weeks, they have been referred to justice for crimes related to human trafficking.

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The first detainee is a carrier, of 45 years old, originally and residing in the San José neighborhood (El Paraíso). The other is a man de 21 years old, originally and resident in the village of Santa María, municipality of Danlí.

In a police checkpoint they managed to detect foreigners traveling irregularly to the United States, their final destination. The practice is recurrent in that region.

The “coyotes”, as the people involved in illegal human trafficking are called, move people to the border with The Savior, in the Amatillo, or through blind spots to cross to Guatemala.

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Detained Hondurans were confiscated 2,445 lempiras. In addition to 70 dollars and the transport unit, used, according to its labeling, on the Trojes-Danlí route.

The detainees will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office, which will continue with the corresponding legal process.