all-wheel drive arrives on the ProAce

New in the ProAce and ProAce City offer: they are now available with all-wheel drive. For this, Toyota has teamed up with 4×4 conversion specialist Dangel.

Nothing surprising: Dangel is a long-time partner of Citroën and Peugeot. And Toyota is associated with the French for these vehicles. After leaving the production lines, the ProAce will be equipped with their 4X4 transmission in the Dangel workshops in Sentheim (Alsace) and then delivered to customers in the Toyota dealership, the order still being made in the Japanese network.

The 4X4 Dangel transmission is equipped with an electronic viscous coupling that allows two- or four-wheel drive. Grip is optimized by electronic traction control coupled to an ESP revised for the occasion. There is also the installation of protective plates under the engine and the fuel tank, as well as the installation of a specific hitch.

As an option, the customer can also have a rear differential locking system and a raised body. The version for individuals is raised by 20 mm, the utility by 40 mm.

For the ProAce City (the cousin of the Berlingo), the 4×4 exists in a Medium and Long van, and in a Long extended cab. For the ProAce, the 4×4 exists in van, crew cab and combi, always in Medium.


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