All the phosphorus needed by the brain in just one tablespoon of these seeds

When we talk about phosphorus we are talking about the mineral most present in our body and consequently one of the most important. It is estimated that the total phosphorus present in the body is approximately 1% of our weight. About 85% of the phosphorus is present in the bones. In fact, phosphorus plays a fundamental role in the synthesis of calcium and therefore for the health of the skeletal system.

Another fundamental activity of phosphorus is to nourish our brain: it increases memory, balances moods, mitigates fatigue and depression. Deficiencies in phosphorus lead to serious consequences, which is why it is important to stock up on it daily through nutrition.

Pumpkin seeds come to our rescue: we get all the phosphorus needed by the brain in a single spoonful of these seeds. This food is functional to a diet rich in phosphorus mainly because it is easy to take during snack breaks or through salad dressings or yogurt.

All the phosphorus needed by the brain in just one tablespoon of these seeds

Let’s start with a few numbers: the daily requirement of phosphorus varies depending on the subject. For a healthy adult it is 800 milligrams, for an elderly person it is 1,000 milligrams, while for children and adolescents it is 1,200 milligrams. This is because phosphorus plays a key role during development.

100 grams of pumpkin seeds contain up to 1,230 milligrams of phosphorus (1,170 if the seeds are toasted). To make a comparison, fish meat, often considered a privileged source of phosphorus, contains on average between 130 and 260 milligrams per hectogram. This makes pumpkin seeds the best food to get phosphorus in a diet.

But the benefits of these seeds do not stop there, as they are a source of calcium and zinc, as well as regulators of the pH of the blood and intestinal flora. In short, a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, 2 or 3 times a day, is enough to store the amount of phosphorus necessary to live a healthy life.


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