All the keys of the new Pokémon GO Megas

The Mega Evolution mechanics have changed drastically with the latest Pokémon GO update. Niantic has decided to introduce many changes that have revolutionized the way of understanding them and, above all, of using them, since they had practically fallen into oblivion.

And it is that, although the Megas offered many advantages, in practice no one used them except for urgent need. The energy cost to activate them was dissuasive and since they weren’t used either, the Mega-raids had very few players.

To tackle the first Pokémon that have Mega Evolved once will now be able to do so at no cost. This free activation has a cooldown of several days, but can be reduced by increasing mega levels. They are simply uploaded by mega-evolving, so it is another incentive to always have one active.

In case you need to reactivate it before that CD ends, you don’t have to worry, since you can do it for an energy cost that will decrease as the next free activation approaches. Either way, players won’t have to spend more than before in any situation.

When it comes to Mega Raids, it can be a tricky change by reducing the need for Mega Energy. Just in case, they have made an important adjustment reducing their health points from 15000 to 9000, being now equivalent to the old level 4 and much more affordable.

In fact, those that have double weakness and maybe some that have little defense, can be overcome by a single coach if he has the counters suitable for a high level. Of course, the use of Megas will also help, since you will no longer have to think so much about activating them.

Although these are the most interesting changes, they also bonuses have been improved. You’ll get more candy from Pokémon of the same type and attacks from all Pokémon in a raid while a Mega is active will be more powerful. The bonus on those of the same type as the Mega will be even bigger.

In addition to this —which are improvements to what already exists— the possibility of gaining XL Candies from Pokémon that share a type with the Mega will be increased and they will give more experience when capturing them.

All these bonuses will be linked to the different Megalevels. For the first you will only have to activate it the first time, but the second will require seven and the last thirty, so it is important that you activate them continuously as the game ends. cooldown.



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