all products withdrawn by Cofepris and Profeco

So far in 2022, the federal government withdrew a series of food products after finding that they may be harmful to health or because they do not comply with the respective regulations, among which are cereals, chocolates, milk formulas, colas , snacks among others.

For this reason, the Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) and the Federal Consumer Protection Office sent “health alerts”, “immobilized” or withdrawn various products from the market. Here is the list:

-In January, 380,149 Kellogg’s cereal boxes were immobilized because non-compliance with the Mexican Official Labeling Standard was detected.

It involved seven different types of cereals, such as wheat, corn, rice and oats, in some cases mixed with blueberries, almonds or chocolate, among others, which are already relabeled on the market again to comply with the standard, according to what they told EL UNIVERSAL, health authorities. In that case they are:

Cereals that did not comply with the NOM

-Kellogg’s Corn Flakes
-Granulated corn flakes added with vitamins and iron, Kellogg’s brand granulated breading
-Puffed rice cereal with vitamins and iron, brand Kellogg’sRice Krispies
-Wheat, corn and rice cereal, with vitamins and minerals, natural flavor with whole grain Kellogg’s Special K Original brand
-Wheat, corn, rice, oatmeal and wheat bran cereal with almonds, vanilla flavor with almonds and natural vanilla essence with whole grain, Kellogg’s Special K Balance brand
-Wheat, corn, rice, oatmeal and wheat bran cereal with red berries, vitamins and minerals, blueberry and blackberry flavor with whole grain, Kellogg’s Special K brand Antioxidants
-Wheat, corn, rice and oatmeal cereal mixed with flakes with chocolate flavor coverage and notes of latte coffee and whole grain, Kellogg’s Special K Energy brand.

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On February 23, 2022, Cofepris warned that 16 batches of Abbott milk formulas were withdrawn from the market due to health damage, when it was detected that they contain salmonella.

The authority asked to “avoid the use and consumption of products” with the following lot numbers:
-Fortificador de Leche humana Similac lotes: 22294Z200, 22295Z200, 26785Z200, 27892Z200, 27983Z200, 31541Z200, 33753Z200, 34890Z200.
-Elecare, lotes: 27871Z203, 29258Z200, 32429Z200, 35025Z200.
-Alimentum 27938Z260, 29284Z261, 32416Z200, 35014Z200

Kinder mini eggs and salmonella

A health alert was also launched for Ferrero Mexico’s Kinder mini Eggs chocolate, also due to “suspected contamination with Salmonella.”

The lots that may be in this situation for which the authority asked to avoid acquisition and consumption are:
-L291R03UMV with expiration date 13-Jul-22
-L292R03UMW 14-Jul-22
-L298R03UNC 20-Jul-22 y
-L299R03UNC 20-Jul-22

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Immobilized chocolates and snacks

The most recent alert was issued on April 13 in which Cofepris and Profeco immobilized more than 10,000 units of national and imported products, among which are:
-Chocolate powder, fortified with vitamins and minerals, Choco Tavo brand.
-Powder to prepare a chocolate-flavored drink, Choco Tavo brand, 327 grams.
-Syrup for milkshake vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavor, brand D’Gari.
-Chocolate for traditional Mexican table, Chocolate Ibarra brand, 540 grams.
-Chocolate flavor sandwich cookies with creamy filling, vanilla flavor, Oreo brand, 273.6 grams.
-Chunky cookies, Chips Ahoy! brand, 333 and 552 grams.
-Toasted oatmeal cereal sweetened with marshmallows, Lucky Charms brand, 309 grams.
-Pesto sauce, Filippo Berio brand, 190 grams.
-White chocolate, Kraft brand, 283 grams.
-Fried corn, Doritos brand, 262.2 grams.
-Pop Corn flamin hot and cheese flavors, Cheetos brand, 396.9 grams.
-Liquid corn syrup, Hershey’s brand, 623 grams.
-Lemon flavor gelatin, JELL-O brand, 85 grams.
-Cola-flavored soft drinks without calories, without sugar, brand Coca Cola
– Refreshments, brand Dr. pepper
-Soft drink, cherry vanilla flavor Coca Cola brand
-Pepsi brand cherry flavored soft drink
-Cheese-flavored popcorn, Chester’s brand
-Pico flavor potato chips, Lays brand
Among many others such as amaranth bars, sauces

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