Alitalia MilleMiglia, the uncertain future of 6.1 million subscribers and 45 billion miles-

The transition from Alitalia to Italy Air Transport leaves over 45 billion miles accumulated by the 6.1 million customers of MilleMiglia, the tricolor carrier’s loyalty program, in limbo. A treasure that will be sold to the highest bidder – but not to ITA -, attractive from a commercial point of view (because there are data on members), but which also constitutes a debt of just over 45 million euros. what emerges from an analysis of Corriere della Sera on company accounts and from ministerial and industrial sources, calculating 0.1 euro cents per mile as nominal value, in line with market parameters.

The company

Loyalty, the company within Alitalia that holds the MilleMiglia program, a small jewel. His accounts in recent years have always closed in the black. Also in 2020, in full pandemic, it recorded an operating profit of 4.07 million euros and a net worth of 57.83 million according to the financial statements consulted by the Courier service. In 2019, before Covid, the profit was 18.97 million, while revenues went from 51.1 to 17.48 million. Not only. By cross-referencing the documents filed by the commissioner, it is also discovered that as of December 31st, the money in Alitalia’s cash register was a total of 175 million euros, of which one sixth (30.6 million) in Loyalty called several times to forgive debts. of the parent company towards him.

The scenarios

Of the 6.1 million subscribers, about 900,000 are considered active – the sources explain – and even fewer have a high amount of miles. But, as experts point out, those who have accumulated 1.5 million miles will theoretically find themselves about 1,500 euros in credit to be required. A credit that in the coming months will pass into the hands of a different company that could operate in another sector: it could also be a chain of supermarkets, hotels or car rental companies. Miles are unlikely to be lost, but they could be converted into something that may not satisfy all members.

The agreement with the EU

In the agreements between Rome and Brussels, the offices of the European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager have given the go ahead for the direct sale of the aviation branch of Alitalia to ITA, but have imposed, among the elements of company discontinuity, the sale of the MilleMiglia program through a public tender to a company that cannot be the newco. This means that the 6.1 million members will have a different company to manage their miles in a few months. Tenders will also be provided for handling (ground services), maintenance and above all the brand.

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I partner

Uncertainty led users to ask for information, including from the various MilleMiglia affiliates. Who, in turn, know little or nothing about what will happen in the coming months with the loyalty program. In a communication in July, one of the most important non-aviation partners, American Express, wrote to customers that as soon as the details of the plan are known, we will be updated, inviting them, for now, to do absolutely nothing.


The MilleMiglia program born in 1992 and since 2013 managed by Loyalty, created by Alitalia to enhance it. After a parenthesis within Etihad Airways (which had acquired 75% for 112.5 million euros in 2014 when he also joined Alitalia) in December 2018 returned to the hands of the tricolor carrier after the divorce from the Emirates. The partners – between airlines and non-airlines – are about eighty, according to one of the most recent presentations shown to industry insiders. The 6.1 million subscribers were sent 130 million e-mails before Covid in twelve months and the transactions that affected the program were 13 million with over 3 million tickets sold. The three exclusive clubs are Ulysses, Freccia Alata and Freccia Alata Plus. Then there is the circle of clubs: Freccia Alata Plus Per Semper which is issued to those who have been Freccia Alata Plus for at least ten consecutive years.



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