Alison reveals the cause of his rapid recovery from injury

Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker revealed the reason for his rapid recovery from the injury he suffered recently.

Alison had suffered a shoulder injury, which kept him out of the past three matches with the English Premier League champions.

Many English press reports expected Alison to be absent for 6 weeks, but the Brazilian goalkeeper quickly recovered from his injury, and participated in his team’s match against Sheffield United during the last round.

Alison said after his return to participate in statements to the official website of his team: “It is good to come back again, I am very happy, I want to give my best, and I have the best physiotherapy doctors beside me, and they helped me in the healing process.”

He added: “When the doctor told me that my absence is from 4 to 6 weeks, I told him no, I want to return within two or three weeks at the latest, and he agreed with that with me.”

The Brazilian goalkeeper added, “I am very happy to be back again. I would like to thank the physiotherapists, the fitness staff, the doctors and the goalkeeping team of the team who helped me in the recovery process.”

He continued: “I used to pray a lot, but I also had a lot of therapy sessions. Every day for five or six hours in the club, I was doing therapy with physiotherapists, working with fitness staff, and after two weeks I was already with my goalkeeper coaches, and I did some Training, and after three days before the match, I started working hard and gave the coach the green light on Friday. I believe in my faith and it is clear that hard work helped me in this quick recovery. “

Alison concluded his remarks: “With every injury you sustain in the shoulder, ankle or knee you will feel something strange, not really a pain but a little weird. You feel it for a while for a few weeks. But nothing puts restrictions on my way to play, I’m really 100% fit. To play and I am satisfied with that. “