Alison González wants to have a “lethal duo” with Katty Martínez



Alison González’s debut with América Femenil is getting closer and closer and if there is something that has the azulcrema fans excited, it is to see her in the attack together with Katty Martinez, duo that also visualizes full of emotion: “I have a very important friendship with Katty and we both know the capabilities we have each one and we are focused on that”, he said in a conversation with the Diario de los Deportistas.

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“If she is at her best level, I will be at my best level, so we are excited to be able to score goals, especially for the benefit of the team”, he stressed.

Both players already had the joy of being together when they played for Tigres, however, at that time, González did not have so much opportunity to exploit their potential and now that they meet again in Coapa, he is confident that they will be dynamite: “I see the fans excited and I am like that too. She is an extraordinary player and I know that I can help her in a big way, as well as she can help me”, she smiled.

It was in the 2021 Opening League, when González suffered a severe injury, which sent her to the operating room and left her off the courts for a long time, a situation that was not an impediment for the Eagles board to go for the Atlas star: “The truth is that it is something that I value very much.I am happy here and from the first day they have made me feel part of the family”, he commented.

Similarly, Aligol was honest with THIS and recounted with nostalgia how difficult the last few months were: “Without a doubt It has been one of the most difficult things in my career, especially for the moment I was living, I’m not going to say that it was the best, because I aspired to other things, but I was having a great time. My life was very calm, my career was short, I was in the Senior National Team, so it was very difficult to hear that I couldn’t play for a long time, very difficult and to date it has been complicated, I have had my ups and downs, but the power Surrounding myself with people who love me, who help me, who encourage me, has been very nice. I will not say that every day I was thinking positively, because there were days that I really lay down, I cried, but thank God I’m here, I have the opportunity to return to the courts again and thinking about the things I could do before and now I have that opportunity to do it again, so I am focused to give the best of me, “he mentioned.

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Although she now proudly carries the America shield, her arrival at Nido was not something that many expected, so when asked about what made her take the offer in the capital, she replied: “I always wanted new challenges , then, when they talk to me and tell me that they want me here, I was moved and I talked about it with my family, because I have always been in close contact with them, my parents and my sister, so I asked them what they thought of the news and for them it was always a great emotion, my dad is super Americanist, so I was the most excited, so we took it easy,” he said.

The magic that González has in her feet made her one of the best at the international level, led her to consecrate herself as a figure in Atlas and made her the winner of the first Ballon d’Or in the minor category of the Liga MX Femenil, so now that He is already thinking about his return to the green rectangle and how his first goal with the Eagles will be: “It is one of the thoughts that I always have in my head, thinking about what I would do when my first call comes, when I have my first opportunity to be in bench, on the pitch, what would I do if I give a goal pass and stuff, sI have always seen them and I am very excited to be able to score a goal, yes for my return, but more so because there are many feelings, many things that I have been through and for what I want to score a goal to say: I did it”, he closed.

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Although there is still no set date for Alison González to make her debut with the Águilas del América, the gunner is confident that once the time is right, the goals will begin to arrive, just as it happened during her time with the Rojinegras del Atlas, a team with the cual even got the championship scoring in Clausura 2021, when he scored 19 goals.

“I know that the day to return is not in my hands, but I repeat that I am very excited and for a striker, scoring, it is certainly something wonderfulThat’s why now that it’s my turn to step on the court again, I’ll do my best to contribute something to my teammates,” she said.

“When I had to win the first scoring championship it was another of the most important moments of my career and now one of my opersonal goals it is to be able to win another one and what better than in this institution”, he added.

Although she knows that an individual distinction will always be the best in terms of her personal showcase, Alison dreams of being able to help the team win titles: “I am clear about what I want because winning these awards also tells you if you’re on the right track or something needs to be improved, but it’s not just scoring for scoring, I think it’s about doing everything as a team. If one does well, it will all do well for all of us, besides, if we score goals it is thanks to the team, to the teammates”, she stressed to ESTO.

With emotion, he also exposed other objectives that he has in Coapa, where the second star is among the priorities: “First clearly I want to return, then improve andAt the level I had, I already think about that, as I said about winning the scoring title, but I also want to lift that championship with America, something that makes me very excited”, he commented.

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On the other hand, he spoke of his desire to return to the Senior National Team, a team he sees in the 2023 World Cup: “My debut was very nice after of this whole process with the categoriesbut later, being left out due to the injury, let’s say that it did hit me a bit, but in the end, God’s timing is perfect and I know that they are ready for the World Cup, I am very excited, because I know that we are going to achieve and I say let’s go, because I see myself in the World Cup”, he sealed.

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Since América announced Alison González as their reinforcement, the followers did not take long to shelter the attacker, for which he shared with the Diario de los Deportistas the feeling of connecting with the fans: “It is very nice to see that the people, even though i haven’t had the chance yet to play, it’s there, that it’s waiting for my return, I’m also quite excited, scoring a goal and I just want to thank you for that support, the waiting time, but excited to do great things with the club”, she mentioned.

It is through his Twitter account that Aligol has shared the rehabilitation time, which is synonymous with returning to the green rectangle, so when asked about the tweets he smiled: “There was a time when I said to myself: ‘some day I’m going back’ and What I wanted was to be close to the fans, making them see that I was one month, two months, three months old, so those who passed and understood that I was there, even if I wasn’t stuck on the nets all day, right now I try to soak up a little more of everyone, but yes it was difficult, but I am already calm and anxious to return”, she mentioned.

Finally, he sent a message to the azulcremas: “I tell them and I’m going to tell myself: ‘don’t despair, everything is calm’, in the end It is not in my hands to decide when I return, but we do want to be together and excited at the moment that touches us to be at our best and support the team”, he concluded.

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