Aligning activities with the lunar calendar: Here's how |

Aligning activities with the lunar calendar: Here's how |

People have always aligned activities according to the lunar calendar. Despite its great distance, the satellite significantly influences life on earth.

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The lunar calendar: These activities work better in the correct phase of the moon

The four main phases of the moon are called new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon. They describe the cycle of an average of 28 days in which the moon orbits the earth once. He cannot shine himself. What you see on Earth is the part of the moon lit by the sun. Because it occupies different positions on its journey, it appears as a crescent, crescent or full moon in the sky or it is not visible at all.

  • The new moon According to the lunar calendar, it is said to be particularly suitable for cleansing and detoxifying the body. If you have one Fastentag plan, you can try aligning it with the lunar calendar. You may feel that this has a good effect on the new moon.
  • The waxing moon is suitable for all activities that involve to gather strength and store energy. He is told one uplifting effect after. In this phase of the moon, vitamins and minerals are particularly well absorbed.
  • If you plan your gardening according to the lunar calendar, the waxing moon is the time to sow and harvest above-ground fruits and vegetables. The fruit should then ripen particularly well and look juicy and healthy.
  • A haircut also makes sense in this phase of the moon if you want strong, full hair that grows faster. The hair can also absorb colorations and colors well with the waxing moon according to the lunar calendar.
  • Many people report that you are at full moon sleeping a little worse than usual. There is no scientific evidence for this, but the full moon has always been used for certain rituals. It’s the right time to take in the bright moonlight to take care of their own well-being.
  • The waning moon is a cycle that cleans and “gives”. In this phase, diets should work particularly well.
  • If you want your short haircut to stay in shape longer, plan to visit the hairdresser when the moon is waning. Nail care should also be particularly effective then, since fingernails and toenails that are shortened during this phase grow back more slowly.
  • All household chores that have to do with cleaning, browsing and mucking out should also work well when the moon is waning. The phase is therefore suitable if you want to create space for something new – and not just on the outside, perhaps the solution and conclusion with mental, inner processes will be better.
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Lunar eclipse in the Unterallgäu - photomontage shows the course of the moon phases

A lunar calendar provides information about activities that are particularly successful in the various phases of the moon. imago images / MiS

The phases of the moon: You can observe this from Earth

At a distance of 400,000 kilometers, the moon orbits the earth once every 28 days on average. At the same time, it rotates once around itself. Through its gravitational pull, it influences the tides and remotely controls the ebb and flow. Without him, life on earth would change fundamentally.

  • At full moon the earth lies exactly between the sun and the moon. Therefore, where it is night on earth, the moon appears fully lit in the sky.
  • In the phase of waning moon depending on which hemisphere you are in, only the left or the right side of the moon is illuminated by the sun. From the crescent it develops into an ever smaller crescent.
  • It remains completely dark in the sky new moonbecause at this time the moon is between the earth and the sun.
  • In the aftermath the moon rises again – from the narrow crescent to the crescent to the full moon. In this phase, the moon is seen from the right side in the northern hemisphere and from the left side in the southern hemisphere.

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