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Algarabía Magazine dismissed its director after unfortunate comments about the massacre of the LeBarón family

The day that Pilar Montes de Oca Sicily wrote about the massacre to nine members of the LeBarón family, where six children and three women died, began its end in front of the magazine Hubbub, which she founded. The editorial partners made the decision to fire her, on Friday night they announced their resolution.

At the head of the magazine will remain Erika Juárez Jiménez, who until now served as administrative director. The partners made the decision based on the values ​​and objectives of the company that, among other things, propose avoid “any vain offense or controversy on current, temporary or sensitive issues”.

In the press release issued tonight, the publishing house Algarabía reiterates its commitment to build an informed civilized public debate. It is signed by Victoria García Jolly, Érika Juárez Jiménez and Fernando Montes de Oca Sicilia.

The magazine had already issued a statement on Thursday, November 7 to demarcate from the comments issued by Pilar Sicilia, as it is known. "We deeply regret the unfortunate recent expressions, in the personal capacity of María del Pilar Montes de Oca Sicilia" and reiterated that Despite not sharing their opinions, they continued to respect her as a linguist and editor.

Pilar Sicilia also published a statement where I apologize for your posts about the murder of members of the LeBarón family. However, he puts forward the scorn and criticism he received. “I simply wanted to make it clear that sometimes‘ they pay just for sinners ’and that such debts are paid dearly,” he wrote.

In that letter he specified that if they wanted to tell her any comments, they would contact her and write down her office address, the hours they could find her there, as well as her telephone number.

On Monday afternoon, six children and three women went ambushed on a road in the limits between Chihuahua and Sonora by armed people, according to the version of the activist Julián LeBarón.

After the news was released on Tuesday, Sicily wrote hate messages against victims on Twitter. The linguist published that the news did not give him "nor so much sadness" and wanted to clarify that what happened was not a massacre because the term only applies to refer to the murder of several people who cannot defend themselves, while that of the LeBarón family it had been "a rematch".

In various publications, user responses and media interviews, Sicily argued that LeBarón belong to a cult where they kill their children and rape women, that's why it didn't make him sad. "Women and children alone in the middle of a field, shot with viciousness so that their bodies were burned afterwards sounds like a great helplessness," one user replied, to which she simply asked "did you see who they were children?" ".

Some others tried to explain the editor, she once replied "they were cursed criminals, abusers, and that I'm not sad that they were killed" People reminded him repeatedly that the majority of the victims had been children.

Even though later deleted messages from your Twitter account, users had already taken screenshots of them and circulated several days through social networks. Threats to her and her family also circulated, as well as to stop buying the magazine Hubbub.


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