Alfredo Adame responds to Carlos Trejo and Gustavo Adolfo after teasing.

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After the midterm elections in Mexico were held on June 6, in which Alfredo Adame lost after running for deputy for a district in Tlalpan, some figures such as Carlos Trejo, Diana Golden and Gustavo Adolfo Infante made fun of his situation when losing also, against his ex-sister-in-law Rocío Banquells.

Before the words of these personalities, Alfredo Adame did not remain silent and replied, starting by talking about the triumph of his ex-sister-in-law, “ He never took a step in the mayor’s office, I was the one with the least budget and I was the one who did the most, ask the one who won where the Miguel Hidalgo neighborhood is. I don’t have to prove anything, those who missed it were the bad voters, I go home to eat three times a day, to work in my companies, ” he commented in an interview with the program ‘El Chismorreo’.

Alfredo pointed out that this defeat does not mean the end of a political career and he said he empathized with the public, so he began to attack his detractors, ” That trio of pigs … Who are they to compare themselves to me? They don’t have a track record, they don’t have prestige, they haven’t been successful at anything. ”

Alfredo Adame spoke about his defeat against Rocío Banquells.

© Alfredo Adame spoke about his defeat against Rocío Banquells.
Alfredo Adame spoke about his defeat against Rocío Banquells.

True to his style of responding, Alfredo Adame did not guard anything against Trejo, Gustavo Adolfo and even Rey Grupero, ” (Gustavo Adolfo) is a pig that is spitting mud out of its mouth, see what he is doing with the Guzmán Pinal family With other people, that’s what he is and he openly mocked, do you think that naco toad is going to matter to me at all what Carlos Trejo thinks or what Carlos Trejo thinks or what a transgender stallion like Rey Grupero thinks? ? Nothing happens”.

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This is how Alfredo Adame exploded against those who make fun of him for losing the elections:

Regarding his defeat, Alfredo alleges that there was a ‘black hand’ on the part of the opposition, well remember, he declared himself as the first place in the polls, ” It was not a party of democracy because of 93 million of the electoral roll 52 million voted, it was by no means a success. The end of the story does not correspond to what had really happened before, I was far above, 58.3 against 24.7, in the debate I broke them to pieces with proposals, exhibitions with everything I had discovered, ” he declared.

” Do you know what they put me on my social networks? ‘I congratulate you’, ‘you are the truth’, what is happening on social networks? … frustrated and bitter people who will never be like me, who will never have the success that I have, who will never have any 1% of what I have, and that they are frustrated and bitter people who want to annoy me, ” he commented.

Alfredo Adame even attacked the drivers of El Gossip.

© Alfredo Adame even attacked the drivers of El Gossip.
Alfredo Adame even attacked the drivers of El Gossip.

Finally, the actor got so upset with the questions of the program that he also lashed out at them when they presented him with Carlos Trejo’s statements, “ I wonder who is more of an idiot? This idiot or you who give him and make him your rockstar… Show journalists in the United States don’t do that, they want to warm me up, people know me and know who I am. They are stupid, if you wanted to be objective, you would have asked me what they asked me, they don’t make me listen to this idiot, ” he concluded.

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