Alfonso Mejía: he was the actor in “Los Olivos” who died at the age of 87

Alfonso Mejía: he is the actor in “Los Olivos” who died at the age of 87. Photo: Getty Images

Alfonso Mejía, actor remembered for his role as Pedro in the film “Los Olvidados”, from Luis Buñuel, died at the age of 87. The news began to circulate in various media and was confirmed by the National Association of Interpreters (ANDI) through his official Twitter account.

In his profile of said social network, the ANDI mourned the passing of Alfonso Mejia and sent his condolences to relatives and friends of the famous, who was consecrated in the seventh art by the hand of Luis Buñuel.

“@ANDIMexico communicates the sensitive death of interpreter partner Alfonso Mejía Silva. The actor is remembered for having impersonated little Pedro in “The Forgotten”, by Luis Buñuel. To his family and friends we send our deepest condolences “

Who was Alfonso Mejía Silva, an actor in “The Forgotten”?

Alfonso Mejia Silva was born in Mexico City on December 16, 1934. With only 15 years he decided to look for an opportunity in the tape of Luis Bunuel, conquering with his talent and his physique, for which he was given the role of Peter.

The film was recognized internationally in the Cannes film festival, in addition to being awarded more than 10 ariel awards. The Mexican Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences decided to recognize the acting talent of Alfonso Mejia with the award to Best child actor.

However, the tape of “The forgotten” was not the only one that is counted in the prolific career from Alfonso Mejia before the cameras and reflectors, as the actor participated in ribbons What:

  • “Tomorrow they will be men”
  • “Our father”
  • “The tunnel”
  • “The beloved”
  • “The age of temptation”

After the passing of Alfonso Mejia, dozens of users of social networks mourned the death of the actor who earned a place in the Golden Age of Mexican cinema with his Peter’s role on the tape “Los Olivos”, by Luis Buñuel.

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