Alfons Schuhbeck files for bankruptcy: the next corona victim

Dhe Munich celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck (72) has declared bankruptcy. “After the state aid that had been announced so full of me has not been received until today, I have to file for bankruptcy for my companies,” said Schuhbeck, according to the message from Sunday, which is headed with “The next corona victim”. “This is a really difficult step, but I have no choice.”

According to the announcement, his restaurants on Platzl in downtown Munich and his party service are affected by the bankruptcy, which he filed with the Munich District Court. Until recently, Schuhbeck had hoped for state financial aid and invested private money in his company. “But now it’s over,” says the message.

“I’ll manage a fresh start for myself, but that hits my 50 or so employees really hard,” said Schuhbeck. According to the announcement, he hopes to be able to save his spice trade and his consulting business: “I want to continue, and maybe the bankruptcy is even an opportunity from which we can get out again quickly.”

The “Bild” newspaper had previously reported. According to the newspaper, a bankruptcy advisor was appointed on July 14th.

Schuhbeck is one of the most famous chefs and restaurateurs in the republic. He has cooked for the Beatles and Charlie Chaplin, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Queen – and again and again for FC Bayern Munich.

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His name is a brand. Schuhbeck runs a real gastro empire, which includes three restaurants, an ice cream parlor and spice shops. With his catering service he supplies major events and celebrity events.

It is also called “Platzl-Hirsch” because it has so many restaurants and shops on Münchner Platzl, where the Hofbräuhaus is also located.

More than two years ago, investigations by the Munich I public prosecutor’s office on suspicion of tax evasion against Schuhbeck became known, in connection with which his business premises were also examined. “I will work very closely and very openly with the authorities to rebut all allegations,” said the cook at the time. He is “available to the authorities in all questions and answers”.


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