Alexis Ayala begins a new romance with a partner from the telenovela “If we are left”

Everything seems to indicate that the actor Alexis Ayala He would have decided to give himself a new opportunity to find love, this with one of his classmates with whom he currently shares credits in the telenovela “Si Nos Dejan”.

According to information revealed by Juan José “Pepillo” Origel in his program “Con Permiso”, which leads next to Martha Figueroa, for some time the actor very close to one of the actresses of the production.

Who is Alexis Ayala’s new love?

“Apparently Alexis (Ayala) is giving himself the opportunity to open his heart, because they have seen him very affectionate with Scarlet Gruber”, revealed the entertainment reporter.

He stressed that within fiction, the characters of Alexis Ayala and Scarlet Gruber maintain a relationship of lovers, since it is with her that he cheats on his partner in the soap opera, played by Mayrin Villanueva.

Origel assured that as a result of his supposed new relationship, the actor is “charmed”, despite the age difference between the two.

When does “Si nos Dejan” premiere in Mexico?

“Si Nos Dejan” has a first-rate cast, since the protagonists are Mayrín Villanueva, Marcus Ornellas and Alexis Ayala, who at the last minute had to replace Eduardo Yáñez, who due to a health problem could not be part of the production .

The main theme is performed by the couple of the moment: Los Nodeli, a term used to refer to Belinda and Christian Nodal.

It is worth mentioning that the premiere in Mexico of this remake of the successful 90s production “Mirada de Mujer” is scheduled for the month of November, once the transmission of “La desalmada” ends; however, in the United States it can already be seen on the Univision signal.

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