The Barcelona game had nothing to do with the goals of the current champion, Olympique de Lyon (0-9 to Russian Ryazan), and another big favorite like Wolfsburg (0-10 to Mitrovica Kosovar). I already knew that. He hype had been tough with Barça by pairing it with Juventus, a coconut for the first round, which had to surrender to Alexia Putellas, who with a goal and an assist put the first step on the road to the final of Vienna.

The template offers variants to Lluís Cortés, who did not overload his soccer players' legs four changes with respect to the eleven that trampled the Heel last Saturday in the Iberdrola League. He chose Van den Gragt on the axis of the defense, Andrea Falcón in the left lane, gave Hamraoui the midfielder and placed Jennifer Hermoso as spearhead. Without Pereira, Leila, Aitana and Oshola –four world championsthe team did not suffer at all.

Before the break

As against Heel, Alexia opened the scoring and made life easier for his team

Different alignment, different competition and playing as a visitor, the Blaugrana game plan did not move a bit. Ambitious, they entered the field ready to dominate, to enclose the rival in their field with their push and to drown them with pressure after loss.

Barça accepts the label that they will hang as a favorite in Europe as well. And he didn't even take a step back when, although Juventus was running the ball very little, the first shot between sticks was the Italian: a header from Caruso in a hung foul. Sandra Cloths was safe. As in a shot from the front of Cernoia that threw him right in front of the goalkeeper.

Zero goal

Torrejón scored the second head and, despite the red Mapi Leon, Barca defended the income of two goals

Despite the two scares, the plan remained immovable and almost paid off when Boattin made a dangerous transfer to his goalkeeper and Patri Guijarro caught it but crossed too much before Giuliani left. The game was played at the pace marked by Alexia Putellas, again captain and brain of Barcelona. He also invented a deep pass for Falcon who saw a clearing of Hermoso and sent the ball delicately over the defense so that the forward tried with a volley the hands of the Italian goalkeeper.

Until it was she who found the goal. As it happened against the Heel, Mollet del Vallés opened the scoring, making life easier for Barça. Accustomed to highlighting his talent, it was his dedication and effort – which are always although they are not his main virtue – that obtained the reward.

Van der Gragt, Falcón, Hamraoui and Hermoso

Cortés made four changes from 9-1 to Heel and the game and reliability did not suffer

The Norwegian end Graham Hansen, who returned to be a nightmare for his side, made a great play on the right wing. He overflowed in and shot with his left foot. The shot touched Sara Gama, which displaced the goalkeeper. But the center went for the ball and prevented it from entering the line. However, Alexia appeared from behind to steal his wallet and score in a pillar goal.

Barcelona had done the most difficult before the break, scoring in the opposite field, and that was noticed in the restart because Juventus stretched in search of a goal that would put him back in the tie. Galli and Caruso proved it from afar because Girelli and Staskova, the two front of the Vecchia Signora, were well controlled.

The favorites

Lyon Olympique thrashed Russian Ryazan 0-9 while Wolfsburg endorsed Kosovo Mitrovica 0-10

After that first arreón, Barça understood that he had the possibility of almost sentencing and went for the second. He was not satisfied and Graham continued to hammer down his lane. And the goal came there but it was not she who focused, but Alexia Putellas, who put a tense and ideally placed height to the second post where Torrejón only had to put his head to score.

But nothing is simple and the Blaugrana surpassed it when Mapi León saw the red one to overwhelm the English Aluko – a substitute for Staskova and much more mobile – that was slipping away. Light red, and to play the last minutes with ten. But Barça knew how to suffer to get around Johan Cruyff with two goals and the goal to zero.


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