Alexandre Poço: “PS has a natural tendency to behave like the ‘owner of it all'” – Current Affairs

“We want a PSD for our generation”, says Alexandre Poço, president of the JSD and deputy to the Assembly of the Republic, admitting that in order not to become irrelevant “the PSD has to make internal reforms and it has to modernize”. And he guarantees that he is already trying to influence the new president of the party, Luís Montenegro-elected with his vote-, in that sense.

“An absolute power corresponds to an absolute opposition”, considers Alexandre Poço, who does not agree with the downward trajectory that the country is following, but who understands that “people who have less in Portugal are not trusting the PSD” because the party “has not been able to have a speech linked to real people in recent times”.

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“We failed”, says the 29-year-old deputy, who now knows that the PSD cannot be an opposition “that doesn’t upset too much”: “We have to go after António Costa and the PS government”.

Alexandre Poço recognizes that “we don’t have [PSD] captive place as a great party”, but recalls that more than one and a half million voters rely on the party to be an alternative. “With this strategy of more State, more tax burden, the country cannot develop” and “there are a number of record number of Portuguese people who, despite working, are poor”.

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The leader of the Social Democratic Youth recalls that “nobody can be free if they live surrounded by a sea of ​​poverty”. And he launches a provocation: “José Sócrates had a more reformist spirit than António Costa.”

A conversation in the aftermath of the Social Democratic Party’s direct elections, which gave victory to Luís Montenegro, on the eve of the European People’s Party congress, which took many “pepêdês” to Rotterdam (Netherlands), and even before the 40th PSD Congress , which will take place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of July.



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