Alexander Zhulin: “In fact, Papadakis and Sizeron have no rivals. I fully admit that they will not return at all ”- Figure Skating

Honored coach of Russia Alexander Zhulin spoke about the decision of the French dance duo Gabriela Papadakis and Guillaume Sizeron to skip the next season.

“As for the reasons for this decision, they have already won everything. In fact, they have no rivals, since now there will be no Russian pairs either – this is the first.

Secondly, I think they want to see if they are tired of the sport at all, if it makes sense to continue skating. An absolutely balanced decision. To be honest, I thought they would be completely finished. So, there are still some ambitions.

This is an absolutely reasonable decision. Let’s see where figure skating will move. Do I admit that they will not return to figure skating at all? I totally admit it. They can find something to their liking. Maybe they will ride in the show.

I know Sizeron sews there. Maybe there will be some interests that will captivate them more. I fully admit that they will not return at all,” Zhulin said.

Olympic champions in ice dancing Papadakis and Sizeron will miss the 2022/23 season: “We have not yet said the last word, but we do not know when we will return”

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