Alexander Shlemenko: Emelianenko is a living corpse

Former Bellator middleweight champion Russian Alexander Shlemenko believes that the infamous Russian MMA heavyweight Alexander Emelianenko by his own example, he shows what a person who consumes alcohol turns into.

“Very sad experience. In fact, all my words are confirmed. On the one hand, a great tragedy is happening before our eyes, but on the other hand, I’m not afraid of this word, Alexander Emelianenko is the hero of our time, because he chose the role of killing his health, showing us how you shouldn’t behave, how expensive you shouldn’t choose and what this road can do with a professional athlete, a gifted person, a healthy, strong, strong man.

It just burns before our eyes, it doesn’t exist. It really doesn’t exist anymore. Agree, he is like a living corpse. See for yourself: any high school student will drop this person now. I tell it like it is, no offense to Alexander Emelianenko.

He chose a role for himself to show us, and I believe that we should see it, reproduce it and say if we cannot help him. I’m not sure we can help him. We probably won’t. Therefore, we must not forget and show this as a living example to our young, growing up guys, on whom alcohol does not have the same effect as on Alexander, because they have little experience, ”said Shlemenko.

Recall that in the fall of this year, Emelianenko will fight according to the rules of boxing against Vyacheslav Datsik.

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