151 goalkeepers have already suffered from Ovechkin. But he is still far from the main “hitman” of the NHL

Sergey Emelyanov

Ovechkin scored 745th NHL goal

In the match against Seattle, the Russian forward closed the last NHL target among rivals in the league.

Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin has fruitfully completed the westernmost run in the NHL regular season. On the eve of the 36-year-old striker shipped a double against the San Jose Sharks (4: 0), and today he once distinguished himself in a match with the Seattle Kraken (2: 5). Now the Russian striker has 745 goals in his NHL career, and he continues to actively pursue Jaromir Jagr, who is ranked third on the list of snipers of all time. There are only 21 accurate shots left for the Czech legend, and the pace with which Ovechkin scores this season allows us to hope that Yardo’s result will fall even before the Olympic break.

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The match against Seattle was the first in the career of Alexander the Great, as the Krakens are making their debut season in the NHL. And Ovechkin did not delay closing the last target on the list of teams that he had not yet scored in the league. Actually “Seattle” remained the only club in this row, if we take out of the brackets “Washington”, against which Alexander had never played. The hardest hit by the best Russian sniper in the history of the NHL was “Tampa”, in whose gates he has already shipped 49 goals. They are followed by Atlanta / Winnipeg (48), followed by Carolina (43). The complete list of Ovi’s victims is as follows.

In yesterday’s match with the “sharks”, the list of Alexander’s victims among the NHL goalkeepers was also added. The Russian forward hit Edin Hill for the first time in his career. Thus, the Sharks’ Canadian goalkeeper became the 151st goalkeeper to whom Ovechkin scored in the North American League. Before the start of the season, there were 147 goalkeepers on the roster, but at the start of the regular season they were joined by Daniel Vladarj (Calgary), Philip Gustafsson (Ottawa), Spencer Knight (Florida) and Hill himself.

Only eight players in history have scored more goaltenders – Jagr (178), Patrick Marlowe (177), Mark Messier (164), Ron Francis (157), Wayne Gretzky (155), Dave Andreychuk (154), Mike Gartner and Teemu Selanne (152 each). Before the main “killer” according to this indicator, Alexander has to find another 27 goalkeepers, whom he had not previously scored, but he can climb to the area of ​​the fourth place already this season.

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Player Number of shot goalkeepers
1 Jaromir Jagr 178
2 Patrick Marlowe 177
3 Mark Messier 164
4 Ron Francis 157
5 Wayne Gretzky 155
6 Dave Andreychuk 154
7 Mike Gartner 152
8 Theme Peasant 152
9 Alexander Ovechkin 151

Of these players, only Ovechkin continues his career in the NHL and has every chance to greatly improve his position in this ranking. Formally, 42-year-old Marlo has not yet announced his retirement from professional sports, but after Patrick broke Gordie Howe’s record in NHL matches in the last regular season, the Canadian’s motivation to continue his career has noticeably diminished.

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Ovechkin came out on top in goals in equal squads this season

As for Ovechkin, Swede Henrik Lundqvist and Canadian Marc-André Fleury conceded most of all from him among the goalkeepers (24 goals conceded each). The top 10 also includes Kari Lehtonen and Carey Price (22 each), Ryan Miller and Ondrej Pavelets (19 each), Cam Ward (18), Sergey Bobrovsky (13), Devan Dubnik (12) and Craig Anderson (10).

Goalkeeper The number of missed washers
1 Henrik Lundqvist 24
2 Marc-Andre Fleury (Chicago) 24
3 Carrie Lehtonen 22
4 Carey Price (Montreal) 22
5 Ryan Miller 19
6 Ondrej Pavelets 19
7 Cam Ward 18
8 Sergey Bobrovsky (Florida) 13
9 Devan Dubnik 12
10 Brian Elliott (Tampa Bay) 11

Favorite goalkeepers of Ovechkin.  To whom and how much did the main Russian sniper score in the NHL?
Favorite goalkeepers of Ovechkin. To whom and how much did the main Russian sniper score in the NHL?

While Lundqvist and Lehtonen have already retired, Fleury and Price continue their performances overseas. And this means that already this season, the top 3 most conceded goalkeepers from Alexander may undergo significant changes. The capital will play against Chicago on December 3 and 16, and against Montreal the matches will take place on November 25, January 5 and April 17. And if in the first match of the teams in the regular season, Price is unlikely to appear on the ice (at the moment, Carey is just gaining shape after returning to the team’s location), then at the beginning of 2022 he should already be the first number of the Canadiens. And in this case, Alexander will get a new chance to upset him at least once, or even several times per meeting.

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