Alessia Mancini, the tumor and the operation: how is she today

Here are the current health conditions of the former tissue Alessia Mancini after the delicate surgery for the removal of a tumor in the uterus

Sigh of relief for fans of Alessia Mancinishowgirl and presenter that many however remember above all in the (skimpy) role of tissue of the well-known satirical news “Strip the News“: After the surgical operation for the ablation of a myomaand benign tumor of the uteruswhich she underwent in the first days of last December, today the showgirl is in good health so much so that she returned to her daily life made up of professional and family commitments (since 2010 she is married to the TV presenter and former gieffino Flavio Montrucchio with whom he had two children, Mya, born on April 10, 2008, and Orlando, who came into the world on April 8, 2015).

Alessia Mancini: how is she today after the tumor and the surgical intervention-typology-03/08/2022

Alessia Mancini has therefore shared his experience on his social channels to raise awareness of the importance of prevention of the tumors: a bad experience, that of the former tissue, which ended in the best way precisely because, having been identified at an early stage thanks to early diagnosisthe tumor was constantly monitored by doctors: “I knew I had it for some time and I kept it under control all years. Eventually it became the size of a meatball and the gynecologist said it was best to take it out. If he had grown still I would have risked of having to to remove l’utero“.

Alessia Mancini turns the spotlight on cancer prevention

Alessia Mancini and her husband Flavio Montrucchio-tipiu-03/08/2022

So, thanks to one laparatomy under local anesthesia, which allowed her to return home after only two days, carried out, in the first days of December 2021, by the team of“Sant’Eugenio” Hospital in RomeAlessia Mancini was able to put behind her health problem that made her feel bad and that gave her bleeding.

The postoperative course, as is inevitable after a delicate surgery, was not short-lived, however Alessia Mancini she could count on the support of her husband Flavio Montrucchio who has never abandoned her, thus helping her to recover.

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Alessia Mancini: “I had haemorrhages” -tipiu-03/08/2022

About her convalescence, the former tissue paper specified: “I had to do like a caesarean section and now I have to stay in rest some day. If I had done the laparoscopy I would have been on my feet by now. The recovery would have been much faster ”. One more reason not to underestimate the importance of prevention.



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