Alessandra Sublet launched in her new life as an actress

The future ex-television host plays in her first fiction, Handi Gangalongside the sportsman Théo Curin.

Fate sometimes depends on little. For Alessandra Sublet, it was director Stéphanie Pillonca’s desire to work with her that gave her life a new direction. The director did not imagine someone else to play Nina, one of the main characters in her fiction Handi Gang, adapted from the eponymous book. The role of a single mother waitress and devoted to Sam, her 17-year-old son. If the latter begins his adolescent crisis like any young person, he nevertheless has the particularity of moving around in a wheelchair.

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A real connection

Stéphanie Pillonca patiently had to convince the host to accept this challenge, which she categorically refused. “I had a problem of legitimacyshe says. But my daughter was like “what have you got to lose?” And I surprised myself. » The director was right: she embodies this mother with a disconcerting naturalness. The connection with Théo Curin, who plays his son, is also evident. The disabled swimmer, amputated of four limbs after a lightning meningitis, also made his acting debut in the role of this teenager who tries to live like the others, despite the lack of accessibility of his high school. Until the day he decides to revolt and sets up, with his friends with disabilities, the Handi Gang to change the situation.

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Actors with disabilities

A story without pathos, full of energy and hope that seduced the one who just released the book The chance of my life (flammarion): “We see in the film scenes that are still rare in France on television or in the cinema, like a handicapped person who gets beaten up or who responds to his teachersexplains Théo Curin. Usually, people with disabilities in the series do not make waves. This is real life, and that’s what I liked. I knew there wouldn’t be many opportunities like this.” Just after the broadcast of the fiction, TF1 will offer a documentary on Théo Curin entitled My difference, my strength .

“It is the first time in a fiction that we mix on the same stage experienced and beginner actors with young people with severe disabilities”

Stephanie Pillonca

Stéphanie Pillonca, who has made numerous films on disability, including Learn to love yourself on M6, is aware of the opportunity offered by TF1 to have different people play – including an autistic Asperger, a hearing-impaired or a visually impaired person – and, in this way, to change mentalities. “This is the first time in a fiction that we mix on the same stage experienced and beginner actors with young people with severe disabilities: it’s unheard of! Each of my films is a fight and I know what this one can manage to open in people’s hearts…”

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A new life as an actress

This first acting experience transcended Alessandra Sublet. Her happiness in acting was such that she has just announced that she has decided to give up animation for comedy only a few months after this shoot.

“During my first scene, I felt like I had to start from scratch. I like it, it’s kind of the story of my life.”

Alessandra Sublet

“During my first scene, I felt like I had to start from scratch.she says. I like that, it’s a bit like the story of my life. It had been a long time since I had the feeling of succeeding in taking up a new challenge. I lived it in my job for twenty years but less now. I found that with comedy, where there is a hundred times more adrenaline… I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and I have lots of ideas!” She is currently working on the adaptation of her book T’as le blues baby? in which she will play a role. To be continued…

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