Alert: WhatsApp stops working on these cell phones

The instant messaging app WhatsApp confirmed that, from a series of updates that will be carried out in the coming months, the platform will stop working on some devices that will not be able to support its new features.

The changes in WhatsApp will affect both cell phones iOS operating system like Android.

In parallel, the instant messaging network maintains some secret Options, like the trick for know the location of a user without him knowing it, and prepares to launch new tools, among which are the option to create surveys in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp tricks

Cell phones on which WhatsApp will stop working

WhatsApp announced that it will stop working from October on those iPhone cell phones that use the operating system iOS 10 e iOS 11.

In turn, from June the app is not compatible with devices Android with versions 4.1 or lower.

The list of iPhone cell phones on which WhatsApp will not work are:

– iPhone 6
– iPhone 6s
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 5s
– iPhone 5c

iPhones that will stop working on WhatsApp

On the other hand, these are the incompatible android phones with the app:

– Galaxy Trend Lite
– Galaxy Trend II
– Galaxy S3 mini
– Galaxy Xcover 2
– Galaxy Core
– Galaxy Ace 2
– Lucid 2
– Optimus Prime F7
– Optimus F5
– Optimus L3 II Dual
– Optimus F5
– Best L5 II
– Optimus L5 Dual
– Optimus L3II
– Optimus L7 II Dual
– Grand S Flex
– ZTE V956
– Grand X Quad V987
– Grand Memo



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