Alert! WhatsApp begins to close the accounts of those who share illegal content – Cba24n

The messaging app WhatsApp In recent days, it has closed several accounts of its users for sharing illegal content.

Specifically, they are actions against piracy.

The platform thus sets a precedent that can affect thousands of people around the world.

Despite the fact that movie piracy has decreased a lot in recent years thanks to new platforms and the initiatives of different institutions, there are still cases of criminal acts that try to seize content without paying for it. For this reason, WhatsApp has taken a step forward and from now on it leaves a notice to all those who show movies on its platform.

What happened is that three accounts were suspended following the order of an Indian court that dictated this sanction. All due to the complaint of the production company Zee Entertainment Enterprises that detected that the film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai was being sent by WhatsApp.

In addition, the producer had also denounced such acts to Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, without giving a response in this regard. Something that could now change, once this precedent against piracy has been set.

Making proper use of the applications is part of the agreement reached by accepting the conditions in the installation.

In this way, with this event in India, WhatsApp anticipates that it will begin to monitor more of this type of illegal practices, later carrying out all these suspensions if necessary.


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