Alejandro Moreno extends his leadership in the PRI until 2024

Alejandro Moreno extends his leadership in the PRI until 2024

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With 518 votes in favor and three against, andhe National Political Council of the PRI approved the extension of the mandate in the tricolor national leadership ofAlejandro MorenoyCaroline Viggianountil the end of the 2024 presidential election.

At the start of the session, a militant threw a gun at Moreno doctor Simi. Minutes later the participations were opened to demonstrate for and against the extension of the mandate of Moreno and Viggiano.

Via zoom and against the project were the former presidents of the PRI, Dulce María Sauri and Claudia Ruiz Massieu; They obtained a response from Laura Haro, who accused them that in their mandates “there were agreements in the dark” and that the contemporary PRI members are “paying for the sins of corruption they committed.”

With 518 votes in favor out of 521, the PRI’s National Political Council confirmed its confidence in @alitomorenoc y @caroviggiano to continue leading our political institute, guaranteeing stability and providing certainty in the face of the 2024 electoral process.

— PRI (@PRI_Nacional) May 9, 2023

The closing ranks around Moreno were joined by his leaders in the Chamber of Deputies, Ruben Moreira and in the Senate Manuel Anorvewho supported the extension of their leaders for the benefit of the tricolor.

The senate coordinator asked those voices that are against Alitorecognize that as a leader he made his benches in the Congress of the Union vote against the “regressive” Electricity Law.

Meanwhile, the PRI leader in San Lázaro affirmed that the leadership of Moreno and Viggiano is backed by an open election in which more than 2 million PRI members supported them, for which he called for unity to get out ahead of the moment the party is going through.

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Moreno opened the project to extend his mandate to a nominal vote, “given the nature of the agreement that has been presented and to give greater legal certainty, he requested that the vote not be economic, but nominal”

The approved agreement establishes that to avoid confrontations, advance in the agreements of the Va por México coalition with PAN and PRD, and “take advantage of their accumulated experience”, the national leader of the PRI, Alejandro Moreno and his general secretary, Carolina Viggiano, expanded their term until after the 2024 presidential election.

The draft agreement of National Political Council (CPN) that was addressed privately and without the means of information among the members of the CEN, bases its extension on article 82 of the party statute that establishes:

The applicant was accompanied by his wife, Paola Rodríguez López.  (Special)


“Determine the extension of the statutory period of the national leadership, in cases where the renewal concurs with an electoral process or within ninety business days prior to it.”

“Based on the foregoing, the CPN determines to grant an extension to the statutory period to Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas and Carolina Viggiano Austria, until the election of the new leadership,” it determines.

Alejandro Moreno will stay in the 2024 elections

With it, it will be AlitoMoreno who conforms the lists of candidates for federal deputies and senators, in addition to the coveted multi-member ones.

The renewal of the leadership of Moreno and Viggiano is established, it will be next year once the last means of challenge related to the Congress of the Union is resolved by the Electoral Tribunal, for which it will have to convene within 10 calendar days.

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The PRI CPN affirms that with Moreno and Viggiano the cohesion, unity, solidarity and fraternity of the leadersmilitants and cadres, “takes advantage of the experience accumulated by the President and the general secretary obtained in the federal and local electoral processes in which they have led the party.”

In addition, “it grants political stability in the internal life of the institute and allows it to have better conditions to face current challenges”.

The project also establishes that carrying out a leadership renewal process next August, the date on which Moreno’s term ended, would affect the party’s budget.

“Extending the partisan leadership also attends to the envy of mitigating the risks of dividing resources, because if the renewal of the national leadership had to be organized and carried out simultaneously and at the same time carry out acts of preparation for the federal electoral process and concurrent premises, would hinder the effectiveness and availability of resources for internal processes in the face of electoral processes ”, he details.


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