Aleida Núñez, the actress forgets exteriors

“La Cosquillita”, this is the name of the most recent musical release by Mexican singer Aleida Núñez who decided to forget about exteriors to promote her music on social networks.

The followers of the always stunning actress felt more than happy with the way that Aleida Nunez chose to promote “La Cosquillita”, for which she chose a very small and revealing swimsuit in military green.

The beautiful actress of Corazón Guerrero wore a more than fit figure in the video and the photos that she shared on her official Instagram account with that more than revealing outfit that exposed a lot of her skin and pronounced curves.

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Aleida Núñez showed off a more than toned abdomen, where the “squares” became more than evident, in addition, the famous one wore a spectacular tan, very natural makeup, her hair completely loose in its place and a beautiful white smile.



Aleida Núñez forgets about exteriors and “gives a tickle”. Photo: Instagram.

In one of these publications, Juan Ferrera’s ex confessed that the photo session was actually part of an advertising campaign, while along with the video he reminded his followers to listen to “La Cosquillita” on various platforms.

A few days ago this stunning woman confessed that the song is the author of the talented composer Horacio Palencia and the beautiful Aleida Nunez He gave it a touch of great rhythm and flavor, something that delighted his most faithful followers.

Núñez has proven to be a very restless woman who likes to experiment with her talents and that is why she did not stay in her comfort zone as an actress and went further by diversifying as a singer, television presenter and businesswoman.

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Let’s remember that the beautiful Aleida has her own line of women’s clothing with which she seeks to enhance the woman’s figure to make her feel more comfortable and beautiful; What her followers liked the most is that she herself has been the model of these garments.

Aleida Núñez is currently more than happy to be part of the telenovela Corazón Guerrero, where she gives life to the character of Selena and has delighted the audience with quite “racy” scenes with her partner in the melodrama.

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