Alberto Genovese transferred to Bollate prison: he must serve 7 years for rape

Alberto Genovese transferred to Bollate prison: he must serve 7 years for rape

Bollate (Milan – The former web entrepreneur Alberto Genovese, who returned to prison on the evening of 13 February last and was previously under house arrest in a clinic, was transferred from the Lecco prison to the Milanese prison of Bollate. Genovese was definitively sentenced for sexual assault against two girls. In recent days, the investigating judge of Milan Chiara Valori, as requested by the deputy Eugenio Fusco and the prosecutor Adriana Blasco, had rejected the appeal of the defence, represented by Luigi Isolabella, Davide Ferrari and Stefano Solida, against the incarceration order. In fact, by order of the Execution Office of the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office, an execution order with imprisonment was carried out against the former founder of the start-up, after a sentence of 6 years, 11 months and 10 days for two cases of sexual violence involving the use of drugs on two models between Ibiza and Milan in 2020. Until two weeks ago, Genovese was under house arrest in a detox clinic in the Lecco area but, according to the order signed by prosecutor Blasco, the crimes for which he was convicted prevent the granting of house arrest and his residual sentence, also taking into account the “pre-suffering” (the time as a precautionary measure), exceeds the age of 4 by about two months. Regulatory arguments these that were accepted in the decision of the judge who rejected the defense. Last September, the same judge issued the sentence, then recalculated the sentence downwards (from 8 years and 4 months to just under 7 years) after the defence’s renunciation of appeal, on the basis of the new rules of the Cartabia law. Meanwhile, the lawyers, however, can ask for his release, on the basis of Genovese’s treatment and rehabilitation needs, also with an application to the Surveillance Court. Finally, after the interrogations requested by the suspects in the encore branch of the investigation, which also includes Genovese but also the former collaborator Daniele Leali, the Public Prosecutor’s Office will ask for indictment. The former entrepreneur, in this tranche always conducted by the Flying Squad and coordinated by the adjunct Letizia Mannella and by the prosecutors Rosaria Stagnaro and Paolo Filippini, is accused of two other violences with the same pattern, of obstruction of justice and possession of child pornography .

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