Alberto Fernández: “We must open a debate at some point about the legalization of marijuana” | The President took stock of his management and was optimistic about the next two years of his mandate

Alberto Fernández hopes to leave the mark of being “the President of the pandemic” and power “compensate for that feeling “in his next two years in office, which he described as” exit years. “This was expressed this Tuesday, in an interview with the journalist Julio Leiva, commenting that in the remainder of his mandate “We are going to be able to finish putting in order what we have to put in order and to be able to grow as I aspire to grow from day one.”

The interview of Black box started with the central fact of Alberto Fernández’s two years in office, the covid-19 pandemic. The head of state pointed out that the entire Argentine society lived it firsthand, but he faced her from “a difficult place”. “The other day I told Cristina that I do not know if in my life I will live two such difficult years again“, confessed the president, who also reaffirmed the strength of the relationship with the vice president:”Cristina Kirchner trusted me and I will never disappoint her, never“.

The President reported that his feeling as head of the country in the face of the unprecedented pandemic of covid-19 was to feel “owner of the situation, the one who has to handle the boat. You take responsibility for everything“, but noted that it maintains a positive balance:”I am left with the peace of mind that everything I had to put, I put“.

“My day starts at 7.30am and ends at 1 or 2 in the morning,” he said, something that resonated in the phrase of former president Mauricio Macri, who confessed in another interview that to cope with his role as president he was retiring at 19:00 Casa Rosada and put on Netflix until the other day. “We were able to stand up an Argentina that was struck down. Fulminated by the debt and because they withdrew the State from everything,” Fernández said about the management of Cambiemos.

“It was necessary to put Health on its feet with few resources and great urgency,” he contextualized about what the Frente de Todos government experienced during the pandemic and indicated that he values ​​that “there was not a single Argentine or Argentine who got sick and did not have medical attention. “” If I look at that, I say ‘all the effort was worth it’. If I look at the dead, I would have wanted them to be less, “he lamented.

“We live with great unease all this time (of the pandemic)”, said the President regarding the position of the opposition and asked that “Argentina make a leap in quality as a society and begin to think with a criterion of unity in diversity . If we all know that there is an exit door, let no one stop and prevent others from leaving. I feel that there are those who stand at that door and say: ‘stay locked up’. Changing that is something that I have not achieved and I will keep trying“.

In that tone, the President assured that one of the questions asked is “how much strength do you have left?” “I suffer a lot from the gratuitous injury, but I always think about joining forces because this has to be carried out,” he said and quoted the text of a song that he said to write in a pandemic: “To continue life is to continue singing“.

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“We meet again with Cristina”

In a classic of the interview cycle, Julio Leiva showed him photos taken from a black box for the last answer and showed him images of Cristina Fernández, Néstor Kirchner, Juan Domingo Perón and Ricardo Alfonsín. The president said that he could not prioritize each of them, but assured that “today I put Cristina first“.” It hurt me a lot to be angry with Cristina, “he confessed and assured that some of those annoyances persist, but that it gives” a unique place because we met again and she trusted me and I will never disappoint her, ever. ”

Unlike much of the media agenda, which seeks to antagonize the two heads of the national Executive, the head of state revealed that he can always speak with her, although the first to attend are his secretaries. “She complains about me because I always attend to everyone,” joked the president and assured that he has had the same telephone line since 1994, “everyone has it.”

He also confessed that he still continues to respond to some of his social media messages and even there he contacted from Florencia Peña to a mother who wrote to him about a health problem with her daughter. When speaking about the actress, who had interviewed him in Olivos during the pandemic, Fernández pointed out that he received references from all sectors to “know first-hand what is happening” and rejected the accusations made in the media. on alleged negotiated with a close friend of Fabiola Yañez. “The story that was mounted hurts me because it has nothing to do with me. The whole story was mutating to measures that were falling affirmations,” he lamented.

Regarding the rest of the political leaders, Alberto described Nestor Kirchner as “someone essential” from whom he learned and in whom he trusted “when few trusted“.” When I talk about him, I have to breathe a little so as not to break down, “he said. Regarding Alfonsín, he described him as” a good man “who” after the dictatorship launched the institutionality, “while he highlighted Perón as “a man who made a revolution in an Argentine society“.

In that intimate plane of his political life, the head of state was distressed when he spoke of the death of Mario Meoni, after Leiva showed him as a trigger the viralized sticker with his anguished face that says “And now what happened?” . “Everything happened to us, “the president consoled himself and said how much he also regretted the earthquake that occurred in San Juan and the fires in the Andean region..

Legalization of recreational marijuana use

“There are many things that it does not make sense to discuss at this point. The use of marijuana has expanded and young people consume it, it is also true that it is harmful and causes damage, like any drug”, was the head of state’s first reflection on a debate that remains in force after the Government will advance in the regulation of the Medicinal Cannabis Law and in the promotion of hemp as an industrial sector.

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In a second moment, Fernández called to “put aside hypocrisy” and invited to ask if the damage caused by cannabis is greater in relation to the consumption of tobacco or alcohol. “ANDhe biggest problem with young people is with alcohol and there are no restrictions“, he stressed and assured:” We have to open the debate at some point (on the legalization of recreational use). ”

The President considered that they are consumers who pay for the problems that recreational use continues to be illegal, while drug traffickers “as they are part of organized crime, they touch the springs of power to avoid being persecuted“And he pointed out:” I am following what is happening in Uruguay with great interest. ”

“You have to give the debate, I have no problem in generating these debates. I am someone very liberal and everyone has the rights to do what they want with their life. The State has to warn them that they are harming themselves and move forward if that harm is harming to others “, Alberto left the door open to a parliamentary debate on recreational consumption.

Inflation, dollar and debt

Fernández described the economic problems of the inflation, the dollar and foreign debt as “three inherited problems” from the management of Mauricio Macri. Regarding inflation, he recalled that the last year of the government of Cambiemos climbed above 50 percent, while in the first year of his administration it fell to 35 percent and this year “we are fighting because it is not more.”

The president pointed out that “with the pandemic, food prices increased and there is inflation throughout the world, although in our country it is higherAt that point, the head of state regretted that there is a “very perverse business conscience in Argentina, which tries to take advantage of the moment to take advantage.”

In relation to the dollar, Fernández considered that “comes driving”. “We have accumulated reserves and we are facing the exchange pressure that we receive,” said the President and recalled the weakness of a small foreign exchange market that recently jumped by $ 11, in the parallel currency, with an operation of 500 thousand dollars. “There is a very strong pressure that responds to interests of another type,” he said.

The head of state pointed to the foreign debt as the problem of the Argentine economy that worries him the most. “What Macri did with the IMF is incomprehensible and unforgivable,” Fernández condemned and put as a point of comparison the global aid granted by the IMF to alleviate the effects of the pandemic, which amounted to 50 billion dollars, when the loan granted to Macri’s management was 57 billion dollars and “to a government in default,” he pointed out.

“What I am not going to do with the debt is what they did. I do not want Argentina to fall in love with the fund because it is a condition for the growth of our economy,” he said, paraphrasing Macri’s invitation to Argentines to fall in love. from former fund holder Christine Lagarde.

Climate change and the pig agreement

In a context marked by the recent United Nations report on the undeniable global warming facing the planet, the head of state valued the climate agenda that his government is carrying out and described it as “one of the most solid in Latin America”, and highlighted the dialogues he has with President Joe Biden on the matter.

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“The world cannot be degraded more than it has degraded, all this that happens to us is a product of climate change to which they have not paid attention,” acknowledged the President and assured that actions should be accelerated to “at least , stop the harmful effects “. Although he confessed that “it is a difficult fight because one has to fight against the oil companies.”

Another of the topics on the agenda of environmental and health care consulted during the interview in Black box it was the so-called pork agreement with China. Fernández said that “the discussion is not whether to close the pig agreement with China but how we are going to produce pigs in Argentina,” something that was also extended to livestock production.

“What we are going to do is that everything that is done is with the preservation of the environment,” insisted the president and gave as an example that farms have a treatment of waste that is deposited in “biodegraders so that they are converted into energy”, something that it is contemplating in the proposal debated with Chinese capitals.

His parents, “Tani”, Wos and Messi

The interview made by the journalist Julio Leiva had intimate moments in which the president went through his life, people and his personal tastes. Among those moments, the relationship appeared are his son Estanislao, whom he named as “Tani”, and his decision to process a non-binary DNI.

What I want is for him to be happy“, the president synthesized and pointed out in relation to the administrative advance of being able to opt for a non-binary DNI:”I realize how little you can make people happy. ”

In relation to his upbringing, the president reviewed the absence of his biological father and highlighted the care he received from his mother and adoptive father. “I would have liked them to see me as president,” Alberto lamented, recalling that it gave them “some headaches” because “they didn’t like my stage as a rocker or as a militant very much.”

Ago was the gateway to his well-known tastes in music, but Leiva did not consult him for Lito Nebbia or Bob Dylan but for current trends in urban music. The president highlighted to the musician and interpreter Wos, of whom he said that he “is very impressed by the lyrics, by the commitment, because he is not complacent”.

Regarding football, in addition to returning to his fanaticism for Argentino Juniors, Fernández spoke about the moment Messi goes through when he arrives at Paris Saint German. “Football has become professionalized and each player seeks the best financial result. Messi itself is an industry,” he analyzed what happened with his departure from Barcelona, ​​but chose to highlight him as a player: “He seems to me an exceptional player who I have a lot of respect for. and admiration “.




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