“Charlene is not in exile in South Africa”. Albert of Monaco speaks. And after weeks of gossip about the possible divorce from Princess Charlene he tells his version to silence the gossip. Poor Charlene is for seven months in South Africa not because in exile, or because on the run from the Monegasque principality, but because of having suffered three head operations due to a severe ENT infection that she herself in an interview with News24 had recounted in detail the infection she contracted in May and that it had affected her throat, nose and ears. “I underwent surgery for sinus lift, a bone graft which is carried out to be able to make implants in the molar area. After the operation an infection involving the ears ensued, hence the impossibility of moving from South Africa. The auditory system, at the moment, it could not withstand a pressure greater than 20,000 feet”, The woman explained.

Charlene had traveled to South Africa to support the campaign against rhino poaching and to attend the funeral of the Zulu ruler, Goodwill Zwelithini. Except that the short institutional trip turned out to be a long appointment with the hospitals. The princess had the first operation in May, the second on June 23, and finally the third on August 13. Difficult to want to celebrate the tenth wedding anniversary, even if this lack was noticed and underlined by the tabloids who immediately tried to put two and two together which this time does not make four. “Charlene did not go into exile in South Africa. He did not leave Munich by accident. She didn’t leave because she was angry with me or with anyone else ”- thus intervened Albert of Monaco. “It was only supposed to be a week, a ten day stay at most, but she is still there because many medical complications have arisen after the infection”.

Then he concluded to the poison: “I was focusing on looking after the children and I thought all this chatter would go away on its own. You waste your time if you try to answer everything that comes up about you. Of course, all of this affects her and obviously affects me. We are an easy target, we were easily hit ”. In short, the defense is dealt. But among the tabloid newspapers there are those who swear that besides the health problems there is more. All that remains is to wait for the princess’s postoperative course.

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