Albert had doubts from the start

Marital crisis with Albert and Charlène of Monaco? The royal couple spent their wedding day separately. According to insiders, the worm was there from the start.

the essentials in brief

  • Prince Albert and his Charlène should have been out of breath for a long time.
  • The ex-athlete has been in South Africa for months – allegedly due to illness.
  • Their relationship is said to have been doomed from the start, according to an insider.

Princess Charlène of Monaco (43) and Prince Albert (63) spent their tenth wedding anniversary separately. A Royal Insider now claims: The relationship between the two shook from the beginning.

In the British documentary “The Curse of Grace Kelly’s Children”, Joel Stratte-McClure, an acquaintance of Albert, reveals that the prince was afraid from the start that the “reserved” Charlène would not be able to cope with royal life.

The insider reveals: “Albert always told me that he felt sorry for his future wife. The Monaco Royals live in a goldfish bowl and are constantly watched. The obligations that come with the job are great. “

And Royal expert Phil Dampier believes: “He was concerned about the comparisons with Grace Kelly. He feared that Charlène would not be able to cope with being compared forever to the legendary mother-in-law. “

The prince, who lost his mother Grace Kelly († 53) at the age of 23, remained a bachelor for a long time. The Playboy was said to have had wild affairs with Brooke Shields (56) and supermodel Claudia Schiffer (50).

Prince Albert was concerned about the Grace Kelly settlements

In 2000 he met and fell in love with Charlène at a swimming competition in Monte Carlo. The two married eleven years later.

“I don’t know if he knew straight away that she was the woman for life,” says Stratte-McClure. “He waited a long time before deciding on someone. It took a few years for him to be sure that she was the right person. I think it was high time for him to start a family. “

The South African never seemed really happy in her new home in Monaco. She recently complained that she never made friends there. Your trip to Africa is probably the beginning of the end for the Grimaldi marriage.

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