Alan Wake 2: towards a big announcement? Remedy turns up the heat

Alan Wake 2 is expected this year and things should be moving soon. Remedy is already beginning to test the waters and play tricks on the fans.

Social networks have now become an essential communication system and it only takes a little to set the web on fire. Remedy, like many others, knows this very well and he reminds us with a simple tweet that his highly anticipated Alan Wake 2 is coming soon. An announcement seems imminent, maybe we will finally have a release date?

Alan Wake 2 should show up soon

Not long ago, the official account ofAlan Wake split a message on Twitter, to wish us a happy new year by leaving us a little gif of the Game Awards 2021 where we can read “this is so exciting! (it’s so exciting). But by wishing his fans a happy new year two weeks late, Remedy also set fire to the powder. As was most certainly expected from the start.

Puique, obviously, it didn’t take much for the fans to start boiling and rightly so. Alan Wake 2 is slated for release this year on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, and it still hasn’t seen any sign of life, other than a few images here and there. Other than a brief trailer when it was announced, we’ve strictly nothing to chew on since, not even a release date. It therefore seems inevitable that an announcement, perhaps even accompanied by a little gameplay, will arrive shortly.

A long-awaited sequel

Alan Wake 2 is indeed very discreet since its announcement, although the game remains highly anticipated. Formerly exclusive to the Xbox 360, Alan Wake first of the name had however not met with the expected success despite a critical reception (from the press and players) more than satisfactory. But the years passed, Remedy grew and Alan Wake now enjoys a real aura. Some players were even able to discover the license with the very honest remaster released in 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch.

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Henceforth therefore, Alan Wake 2 is one of the big releases expected at the turn of this year. The game should present itself as a horror action game with a narrative tendency (like the first opus) and should not only make the link with the first game, sequel obliges, but also be intimately linked to Control and its extended universe. An extension of the game had also made the link between the two titles with the DLC AWE, which presented the first elements of its RCU (Remedy Connected Universe). Alan Wake 2 should therefore be much more ambitious than expected. That’s all we hope for.

And you, are you waiting for this Alan Wake 2?



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