Alan Tacher and his wife, Cristy Bernal, are part of the huge world population that has tested positive for Coronavirus. His case, known thanks to the fame of the presenter of Wake up America, is one of the Univision family and after two weeks of announcing the news, the couple was virtually present in the morning program to tell how they were these days and how difficult it is for them to stay away from their children, to those who cannot hug for their own safety.

Alan Tacher and Cristy Bernal© @ awartaamerica
Alan Tacher and Cristy Bernal tested positive for COVID-19, as did Karla Martínez, presenter’s partner.

“Here we go, trying to invent things about how to communicate with them because obviously, day by day, they start to get nervous, sad,” Cristy told Karla Martínez about the situation they are experiencing at home.

The couple has two children in common: Michelle five years, and Liam two. The oldest is the one who understands what is happening a little more, although he also needs the contact of mom and dad, from whom he must be distanced. Cristy said that they play with them distantly, hiding with the help of the nanny some gifts in the garden and from the terrace they observe them.

“They start to get nervous because we don’t interact with them. It has been difficult, ”said the loving mom. Alan added that his little daughter sometimes does not understand him and wants to approach them, so both parents protect themselves with masks, because sometimes without knowing the little one is next to them without being noticed, something common among children.

“Yesterday she started crying in despair at wanting to sleep with us. Is sleeping with the nanny, with Liam and can no longer. I saw it very badly, ”said Tacher about how hard it is for her little ones.

The complicated side of the disease

In addition to the physical symptoms, Alan experiences a lot of mental stress. “It gives me despair to know that you have to relieve yourself and that you are not doing something, generating, producing. You feel useless, I think so, although I know that we are blessed because the symptoms did not affect us like many other people, “he said somewhat uneasily.

Alan Tacher and his family©Custom
The presenter gradually recovers from this disease that keeps him away from his children