Mississippi Burning director Alan Parker has died

He is behind classic films like “Mississippi Burning” and won ten Oscars. Now director Alan Parker has died at 76.

London. The filmmaker Alan Parker is dead. The director is behind film classics like “Mississippi Burning”, “Bugsy Malone”, “Evita” or “Pink Floyd: The Wall”. Parker won 19 BAFTA awards, ten Golden Globes and ten Oscars. He died after a long illness at the age of 76, the news agency PA quoted on Friday a spokeswoman for his environment.

Parker was even knighted for his achievements in the film industry. film producer David Puttnam Parker called “his oldest and closest friend”. Director Nick Murphy praised him as a “huge talent”. “Alan Parker has created so many wonderful films. Simply wonderful, ”he wrote in the short message service Twitter.

Parker was very creative, wrote novels and essays about the making of all his films and drew cartoons. A few years ago he surprised the film world when he got his retirement announced. “Directors don’t improve in old age,” he said. “They repeat themselves, and although there are exceptions, their work generally doesn’t get any better.” Instead, he devoted himself to painting.

Parker was born in London on February 14, 1944. He leaves behind a large family: his wife Lisa Moran-Parker, his five children Lucy, Alexander, Jake, Nathan and Henry and seven grandchildren.

(dpa / lhel)

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