Alain Minc: “Macron signed a CDI with Providence”

After five days of conflict in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin put his nuclear deterrents on “alert”. Are we back to the worst times of the Cold War? “It can be hoped that this decision is a form of gesticulation, says the economist and essayist Alain Minc. And there is especially to look for the reasons for this gesture! These are not the worst times of the Cold War, in some ways they are much more destabilizing than the Cold War, which had an extremely precise manual. »

He adds: “What strikes me is that in five days we got used to the world of the unthinkable for us. That is, people hiding in the subways three hours by plane from Paris. But the unthinkable has become our daily life. I think Putin underestimated the impressive resistance of the Ukrainians. And he did not think for a second that Europe would strengthen itself by making an exceptional qualitative leap!

Ban on European airspace to Russian aircraft, banishment of Swift’s Russia, purchase and delivery of weapons to Ukraine… All these decisions were taken together by the 27. Are we witnessing the birth of Defense Europe under pressure from Vladimir Putin: “This is wonderful what is happening, judge Alain Minc. What is unfortunate is that we have to wait for such an accident. But what is most impressive is Germany’s shuffling, agreeing to supply lethal weapons, to block the gas pipeline, to block Swift… This shuffling is a sign that European construction has just taken a formidable step. »

The war in Ukraine completely covers the French presidential campaign. Are we going to have a campaign without debates, a kind of tacit renewal of Emmanuel Macron? “40 days is a lot,” emphasizes Alain Minc. It is clear that there is an effect of the flag, that politically speaking Emmanuel Macron signed a CDI with Providence and it is clear that the political Providence that was with him in 2017 is still there in 2022. »

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