Al-Rajhi Takaful number, Al-Rajhi trading number and all methods of communication with Al-Rajhi Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Al-Rajhi Bank provides many services such as Al-Rajhi Takaful and Al-Rajhi Financial Tadawul to Al-Rajhi Tadawul to facilitate all trading operations for the customer, make entering the Saudi stock market easy and simple, and facilitate the buying and selling operations, and reach your broker with just a phone call to complete the process you want And among the services provided by Al-Rajhi Bank is also Al-Rajhi Takaful, and we will know how to communicate with both companies via Al-Rajhi Takaful number and Al-Rajhi trading number. From that information from the bank’s policies, the bank provides trading transactions such as Al Rajhi Tadawul from Al Rajhi Finance and financing. All these services are in an Islamic form.

Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul No

Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul also provides the Al Rajhi Tadawul number, which is the phone number of Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul, to hear complaints at any time and quickly resolve them to the customer submitting the complaint, in order to quickly return the service to the customer so that no problem occurs with the customer.

The Al-Rajhi Tadawul number is available to all customers, with full time service throughout the day without any problems or obstacles. The number is 00966920005856.

Advantages of Al-Rajhi Financial Trading

Al-Rajhi Capital Tadawul is a subsidiary of Al-Rajhi Bank and is considered the upper hand of Al-Rajhi Bank in the field of the Saudi stock market or the global stock market. It is the largest broker for trading in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Any customer can start trading by opening an investment portfolio in the bank and the advantages of Al-Rajhi Financial Tadawul as follows:

  • First, Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul is primarily subject to Islamic Sharia law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, under the supervision of the Sharia Board in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is considered the best broker in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its cost per transaction is simple in relation to the services provided by Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul.
  • The company allows dealing with the Saudi stock market or the global stock market in an easy and fast way.
  • The buying and selling processes are easy and quick to perform.
  • Al Rajhi Capital’s live trading screens cover trading in most of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and real-time monitoring of the Saudi stock market or the global stock market.
  • The client can start with Al Rajhi Trading through Al Rajhi Trading, the method of registering with Al Rajhi trading is easy step by step.

How to contact Al Rajhi Capital Tadawul

Customers can communicate directly with Al Rajhi Tadawul quickly, as Al Rajhi Bank ensures quick communication with Al Rajhi Tadawul in the case of customer service to speed up the service process due to the importance of investment and rapid fluctuations that can occur as follows:

  • Download the Al Rajhi Capital application for Android or iPhone phones without any problems.
  • Contact Al Rajhi directly on 00966920005856.
  • Enter the main Al Rajhi Capital website and inquire directly.
Al Rajhi Takaful number
Al Rajhi Takaful number

Al-Rajhi Bank also provided the Al-Rajhi Tadawul number for all customers of the bank. The bank also provides the Al-Rajhi Takaful number to facilitate the customer to inquire and know his latest developments easily. The number is 966 11 463 3000.

Advantages of Al Rajhi Takaful

Al Rajhi Takaful has many advantages and is considered one of the best insurance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and many companies and individuals resort to it to insure their properties and features as follows:

  • All insurance operations are subject to Islamic law and the Shariah Authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Rajhi Takaful undertakes all insurance operations such as insurance on vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc., in addition to insurance on sea and air shipments.
  • The company offers a package of insurance packages suitable for companies or even at the level of individuals to facilitate their insurance operations.

Al Rajhi Takaful Insurance

Al-Rajhi Bank guarantees many different insurance packages for its customers, and the customer can apply for Al-Rajhi Takaful by communicating with the bank and the customer service dedicated to this, as we have clarified the Al Rajhi Takaful numbers, and alternative methods of communication have been clarified as well. The customer can also view the rest of the banks and choose the best system that the customer wants in the Kingdom Saudi Arabia so as to ensure the welfare of the client.