“Al-Moallem Sardinah” is the hero of the series “I will not live in my father’s jilbab” .. He worked in the Ministry of War and the surprise in his wife, the famous artist!

The series “I Won’t Live in My Father’s Jilbab” is still firmly rooted in everyone’s minds, despite the passage of more than 25 years since it was shown, but it is one of the outstanding works because it includes social events that are very similar to the reality around us.

One of the most prominent characters of the series “I will not live in my father’s gown” is the character “Al-Moallem Sardinah”, which was embodied by the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, who mastered her embodiment, which made him one of the most influential personalities on social networking sites.

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This “paralyzed” old woman was the most beautiful star of the beautiful time.. She married Nightingale and breathed her last in the nursing home, and the surprise in her will!!

The role of the teacher Sardine in the series “I will not live in my father’s gown” is one of his most famous roles, and his life is full of secrets, so we will mention to you the most important information about him and the most important stations in his life.

The birth and upbringing of the artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra Abdel Rahman Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Abu Zahra, known artistically as “Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra”, is an Egyptian actor born on March 8, 1934 in Damietta Governorate, his father worked as a teacher of the Arabic language, then moved to Cairo.

Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra graduated from Khalil Agha School and joined the Institute of Dramatic Arts in 1958. He graduated from the Faculty of Arts, and worked as an employee in the Ministry of War, then was appointed as an actor in the National Theater in 1959.

Abd al-Rahman Abu Zahra, an employee of the Ministry of War, was a diligent and troubled student at the same time imitating teachers, but it did not occur to him to enter the field of art, and this was noted by one of the organizers of an art competition.

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Hence, many advised him to apply to the acting institute, and he was, but he was appointed as an employee in the Ministry of War, and with his studies of theater, he moved to work as an actor in the National Theater in 1959.

From here, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra began his artistic career on stage, thanks to which he met his wife, who was working as an actress, who persuaded her to quit acting.

Scar and Hajj Sardinah.. Abu Zahra’s works. The artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra turned to radio, then cinema and television. He created and presented distinguished works of art that are still shown until now, such as Siam Siam, Al-Wasiya, Omar bin Abdulaziz, Al-Zini Barakat, I will not live in my father’s jilbab, Al-Sira Al-Hilali and many others. In addition to acting, he presented dubbed works, most notably the role of “Scar” in the movie “The Lion the King.”

Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra’s personal life The artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra married once throughout his life to the writer “Salwa Al-Rafei.” She was working in art before she married him, and he had “Sahar”, “May” and “Ahmed” from her.

Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, during his meeting with Esaad Younes, spoke about the beginning of love between him and his wife, describing this story as “a story nor in imagination” and that it was the fastest love and marriage story.

Abdel Rahman said: “A story, not in the imagination, when Salwa saw something that changed inside of me.

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Abdul Rahman continued: “I told her I want to meet you, and I told her, “Let’s get married.”

Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra prevented his wife from acting

The great Egyptian artist Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, during his meeting with the artist, Esaad Younes, told about his late wife Salwa Al-Rafi’i, who was working with him in the theater, and how he persuaded her to stay away from acting after marriage.

Abdul Rahman Abu Zahra said: “I loved her very much and very jealous and I was in love with her and every time I went to the theater I watched and changed her. I told her and persuaded her without theatre. Whenever I came to the play, the almonds would come down.”

His health crisis

The artist, Abdel Rahman Abu Zahra, was recently released from the hospital, after weeks of stay due to the deterioration of his health.

Abu Zahra’s condition is clearly stable for the first time in a long time, and he is receiving physical therapy recently, as it is expected that this will last for a period of up to several months before he can lead his life normally.

A medical source confirmed that it is difficult for Abu Zahra to be able to act during this period, especially when he underwent physiotherapy sessions after undergoing an operation in the pelvic area several months ago.

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