Al-Ahly’s position on the most important three-way exchange deal in the history of major clubs was resolved.. Follow the details –

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Al-Ahly club is intensifying its attempts to ensure the recruitment of a number of distinguished players to the team’s ranks, at a time when relations have returned in a strong and good manner with Zamalek club under the current management of the white team.

Al-Ahly club is looking forward to the return of relations, not only at the administrative level, but also at the technical level on the field, by exchanging deals, especially for the first football team in the two clubs, in order to reach the ideal readiness of the two teams.

Pyramids Club entered the line in order to reach the previous desire to support the team with players from the distinguished framework, but the approval of the players themselves remains, in light of the unwillingness of some of them to change wearing the red or white shirt, and in light of the players also being welcomed to reach the Red Castle to achieve many championships. .

Al-Ahly club welcomed the reciprocal deals, as it opened the line of negotiations with Ibrahim Adel, the player of the Pyramids Club, and expressed his approval for the departure of Nasser Maher to the center of the heavenly team stadium, during the upcoming summer transfers.

Ahmed Yahya, the players’ agent, denied the team’s midfielder Nasser Maher’s desire to leave the Red Castle for the Pyramids Club during the coming period, stressing that the player’s desire is to participate and not wear the heavenly shirt.

Yahya added, in televised statements, that the player’s contract is extended for a season with the team, pointing out that many clubs have been looking to include Nasser Maher since last season, specifically Pyramids Club, adding: “The player will not leave Al-Ahly in this way.”

The players’ agent stressed that Nasser Maher is not logical to enter into a reciprocal deal during the coming period, especially as he is the sixth leader in the Al-Ahly club and has a greater ambition than that.

On the other hand, the players’ agent explained that talking about the departure of Mostafa Fathi, the player of Zamalek club loaned to Smouha Al-Sakandari to the ranks of Al-Ahly club, is illogical, especially that the player has an extended contract with Zamalek, and that after the loan ends, he will return to his white club again.

There were many reports about Al-Ahly welcoming Mustafa Fathi’s move to the red ranks, in light of his great follow-up by the South African coach, Pitso Musimani, the team’s coach, and his admiration for him.

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