Al-Ahly club officials are looking to take advantage of Ramadan Sobhi’s desire for the loaned team player from the English Huddersfield to settle the player’s purchase deal permanently, especially that the offers submitted to the player from other clubs are not serious and are not completely equal to the offer of Al-Ahly, which is the best and most serious, and officials of the Red Castle are currently negotiating with their counterparts in the club The Englishman in order to reach an official agreement regarding the settlement of the deal, especially since Al-Ahly raised the value of his financial offer from 2.5 million pounds to 3.5 million pounds, and Huddersfield showed flexibility in reducing his financial claims from 7 to 5.5 million pounds, but the dispute between the two parties (Al-Ahly) And Huddersfield) on financial matters still stands, which made Al-Ahly officials resort to the weapon of desire in order to settle the deal, as Ramadan recently announced that he prefers Al-Ahly’s offer, as long as other offers are not serious and will not add to him financially or technically, and the desire weapon may have a role in the ability of Al-Ahly to face the “greed” of the Huddersfield administration.

Ramadan Sobhi’s performance evolved clearly with Al-Ahly under the leadership of René Fyler, who assumed the leadership of the Red Devils starting from the current season and achieved many successes, most notably approaching the Premier League title after finishing on the throne of the competition with 49 points, and qualifying for the semi-finals of the African Champions League, as he succeeded. In developing Ramadan talent, which was confirmed by many analysts and experts.

According to Muhammad Yusuf Najm Al-Ahly and the former technical director of the team, Ramadan Sobhi has developed a lot in many aspects, the most important of which is that he has become “positive” on the opponent’s goal, achieving goals by himself and not just making it, and improving his physical level, unlike his experiences that have increased in the recent period, with His leadership character, which is not possessed by only a few players.

Adel Mustafa, the former Al Ahly player, also confirmed that Ramadan Sobhi dispensed with the style he used to appear at the beginning of his career, which is relying on individual play, and using his physical skills in dribbling without benefiting the team, stressing that the player became very distinguished physically after the season he spent in England, and Fyler helped him to become more positive and collective, and not only rely on individual play, as well as he was seeking to shake the opponent’s goal, which made him more useful to the team from the past period.

Al-Ahly club’s negotiations with Huddersfield in the past few days have witnessed flexibility from the latter to reduce its financial demands to dispense with its player Ramadan Sobhi for the final during the coming period, and officials of the Red Castle began their negotiations with the English club from a period of time to join Ramadan Shabi finally after the loan ended at the end of the current season, Huddersfield initially requested 7 million pounds, approximately 141 million pounds, while Al-Ahly offered 2.5 million pounds, before Al-Ahly raised its offer later to 3.5 million pounds, but this amount did not meet the approval of the English club, which agreed recently and after Intensive negotiations by Al-Ahly to reduce his financial claims by about two million pounds, as he requested 5.5 million to sell the player to Al-Ahly, but the amount is still very large on Al-Ahly’s treasury.