1. Al-Ahly fans chanted “Qol Haha” after the fatal victory goal in Al-MahallaVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  2. Great photos of Al-Mahalla Stadium before the Al-Ghazal match against Al-Ahlyin the joule
  3. Exciting goals and different clips in the Al-Ahly and Ghazl Al-Mahalla matchSada El Balad
  4. The joy of hysteria from Musimani, Dakka and Al-Ahly after scoring the deadly goal in MahallaVideoYoum7 | Seventh Day Channel
  5. A fan with special needs enters the stadium to shake hands with Mohamed El-Shennawy after Al-Ahly’s victorySada El Balad
  6. View full coverage of the news on Google News


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