13 september 2021 – The silver fleet has arrived in Amsterdam again. Ajax again qualified for the group stage of the Champions League and receives a substantial amount in the bank account for this. Even before a duel in the top tournament has been completed, Ajax is already certain of a sloppy 45 million euros.

It reports that General Newspaper. The starting premium for participation in the Champions League is EUR 15.64 million annually. All participating teams receive this. In addition, the Dutch national champion will receive more than 25 million euros from the marketing pool. For the total income, Ajax could already buy twice record purchase Sébastien Haller (who came for 22.5 million, ed.).

Good performance increases revenue. A win yields 2.8 million euros, while a draw brings 930,000 euros into the club’s coffers. Ajax is assured of six matches in the group stage anyway. Reaching the eighth finals equals a cash prize of 9.6 million euros, while quarter-finalists receive 10.6 million euros.

Under the current corona measures, Ajax is allowed to admit 36,000 supporters to the stands. That means that Ajax rakes in about four million euros in three home matches.

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