The appointment of Louis van Gaal as national coach is taking longer than expected, Valentijn Driessen knows. The KNVB had actually wanted to complete the deal before the weekend, but the football chief of De Telegraaf has been informed that there are still some ‘bumps’.

The KNVB top recently traveled to Portugal for a meeting with Van Gaal. Those talks went well. “The intention was to present it on Friday. They quickly figured it out, some homework,” said Driessen in De Oranjezomer. “Then you have to figure it out within a week, huh? Because it’s not a rocket science to sign a contract with a national coach. But they haven’t gotten there yet.”

The implementation of the technical staff is currently a tricky point, Driessen already reported on Friday evening. Van Gaal wants to reappoint Danny Blind as an assistant, but the native Zeeuw is still on the payroll at Ajax. “He is also a commissioner at Ajax. Then you wear two hats, of course, but those are two incompatible hats. That is not possible. The KNVB has also said: if he becomes one, then he will have to leave the commissionership at Ajax. Otherwise, he immediately says to Van Gaal: dude, let’s take this and that and that Ajax player, that’s good for the value and of course good for Ajax.”

However, once this hurdle has been overcome, white smoke will soon appear, Driessen expects. “Normally it has to be, because the first pre-selection will be announced in two and a half weeks,” he refers to the international block from September 1 to 7, in which the World Cup qualifiers against Norway, Montenegro and Turkey are on the program.

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