AirTags, a new weapon for car thieves

In Canada, the authorities noted that several thefts of luxury cars had been carried out with the help of Apple’s AirTag “cookie”.

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AirTagsApple wanted to be a small anti revolution loss and anti-theft but, since their release, a bad aura surrounds these small capsules. Futura had already explained that the confidentiality and the security were not the strong point of AirTags and that Apple is not doing anything to fix this situation. It is now on the very use of these beacons that there is diversion. Instead of making it possible to find what has been lost or stolen, it has become a useful gadget for burglars and the thieves car.

In Canada, York Regional Police have indicated that, since September, the criminals conceal AirTags on the luxury vehicles which they target in order to steal them. The thefts have taken place in the past three months and five cars were stolen in this way. In these situations, the method was the same: the tracker was placed on the coupling or the hatch used to supply electricity to a trailer. Then, the thief (s) checked that the owner of the vehicle parked it at his home and outside to come and burglarize it.

An alert system in case of follow-up by an unknown AirTag

If criminals use AirTags, it is because the brand is very widespread in North America and the small beacons are indeed very easy to use with a device. iPhone. L’application “Find My” allows you to follow AirTags more precisely and quickly, unlike other Bluetooth trackers on the market, with the exception of GPS chips autonomous.

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The story does not tell how the Canadian police came to know that AirTags were used on these flights. In any case, to avoid this kind of disappointment, it is possible to know if an AirTag that does not belong to you, is following you. It is in any case a function integrated into iOS 14.5. It displays alerts if there are any. It also works with some mobiles Android.

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