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Deniz Saypinar, a fitness model and life coach, denounced through her Instagram stories that an airline would have prohibited her from traveling because of the way she was dressed.

The woman shared with the million followers she has on the social network several videos in which she appeared crying. “They didn’t let me get on the plane because I’m wearing this and they told me ‘you’re naked'”, he claimed.

The events occurred at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, in United States, which was incomprehensible to Saypinar: “I am traveling from Turkey to the United States to be a free woman and they do not let me fly because ‘I offend the families.’

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This was the girl’s ‘outfit’.


Instagram: @dnzsynpr

The airline policies establish as passenger responsibilities, to ensure a good environment on the journey, that “dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing is not allowed ”.

However, they do not state what type of clothing could be considered ‘offensive’.

In the case of the model, she wore a brown crop top, denim shorts and a white bust tied at her waist.

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The comments on social networks did not wait. There are those who are on the side of American Airlines and those who, on the other hand, defend women.

Saypinar thanked his followers for their support and pointed out: “What happened at that airport was very traumatic and it still is. I’m trying to get over it. “

Likewise, it remains firm in position and continues to wear his shorts with pride.

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