The European aircraft manufacturer, “Airbus”, announced that it received one purchase order during the month of September, while it continued to increase the number of aircraft it delivered to customers.

And the “Bloomberg” news agency quoted the company’s data issued on Monday as saying, “The plane it sold to an undisclosed party was an A319neo model, while the company had recorded its best sales since the beginning of the new Corona virus pandemic last August.”

The company also did not record any cancellation of orders during last September.

At the same time, the deal announced by the company at the end of last month to sell 28 aircraft to the new Italian airline “Italia Trasporto Aero”, was not included in the sales statistics issued today, because the details of this deal were not finalized.

Last month, Airbus delivered 40 aircraft, approaching the target number of deliveries for the current year as a whole, which is 600 aircraft, as the company needs to deliver 176 aircraft within 3 months to reach this number.

Source: agencies

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