Airbus orders in July: Air China becomes new A319 Neo operator

Airbus does not yet have many airline customers for the A319 Neo. But in the total of more than 400 aircraft orders in July there was also an additional customer for the slow seller.

July was a golden month for Airbus. The aircraft manufacturer collected orders for 401 aircraft. These included four smaller orders for the A321 Neo. Four copies go to American Airlines, three to Jet 2, five to Spirit Airlines and ten to an unknown buyer. Delta Air Lines also ordered a further twelve A220-300s.

At the Farnborough Airshow, Airbus also finalized an order for 56 A320 Neo for Easyjet and presented an order from Latam for 17 A321 Neo. However, the largest July order came from China. Four airlines have ordered a total of 292 A320 Neo Family aircraft. Now the distribution to the individual models is official.

Five A319 Neo for Air China

China Southern will receive nine A319 Neo, 23 A320 Neo and 64 A321 Neo. Air China will receive five A319 Neo, nine A320 Neo and 50 A321 Neo. A further 18 A320 Neo and 14 A321 Neo are destined for Air China subsidiary Shenzhen Airlines. And China Estern will receive 32 A320 Neo and 68 A321 Neo.

There is a special feature hidden in this whole Chinese tangle of numbers: With Air China, the A319 Neo is getting a new operator. In contrast to China Southern, the airline currently only has the Ceo generation of the A319 in its fleet.

Hardly any airline customers for A319 Neo

While a new operator on the A320 Neo or A321 Neo would probably not attract much attention, the A319 Neo is different. Airbus has a total of 87 aircraft on order for the plane – eight as private or government jets, five for leasing company Aircastle, two for Air Côte d’Ivoire, 12 for China Southern, 31 for Spirit Airlines, 29 for unknown customers and now five for Air China.

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In long-haul jets, Turkish Airlines ordered two more A350-900s in July, while orders for four A350-900s for Aeroflot fell off the books. There were no other cancellations. The expected cancellation of Qatar Airways’ remaining A350 order has not yet been made official.

Just under 350 deliveries

Since the beginning of the year, Airbus has had new orders for a total of 843 aircraft, but also cancellations for 187 jets – the bottom line is 656 net orders. The manufacturer was able to deliver 46 aircraft to 30 customers in July. Since the beginning of the year, 343 deliveries to 62 customers have been recorded.



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