In the Stoppenberg district of Essen, thousands of people had to be evacuated because of a dud. The air mine with an unusually large amount of explosives was successfully defused.

A British air mine was defused in Essen-Stoppenberg on Wednesday. The dud was discovered on Tuesday. The evacuation had started in the morning. A total of 11,000 people had to leave their homes, and in the wider area 27,000 people from Essen were supposed to stay at home. You are not allowed to open windows and doors during the work. In the late evening, the city gave the all-clear: the dud was rendered harmless by the experts.

The air mine with three impact fuses contained a particularly large amount of explosives – around 840 kilograms. As a result, the radius had increased significantly compared to other dud finds, the city announced. It was the first air mine to be defused in Essen in the recent past. Therefore, according to the city, over 700 emergency services were on site.

An aerial mine is covered with a tarpaulin and lies in a construction pit: It was one of the first duds of its kind to be found in Essen recently. (Source: Gayk / dpa)

The mine was on Kapitelacker Street at number 26. The radius around the site, which had to be completely cleared, was one kilometer. Within a radius of another 1,000 meters, people were not allowed to be outdoors and should go to parts of the building that were facing away from the bomb. Seven daycare centers in the affected area were closed all day.

There were also restrictions in car, bus and train traffic. Some roads and railway lines between Essen Central Station and Gelsenkirchen had to be temporarily closed


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